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It’s been a while since I’ve painted something, and since I clearly have a painting problem, it was time for me to get out my paint again. A few months back when I went to IKEA I picked up a curtain rod and two Ritva curtain panels. In true IKEA fashion, these “white” curtains are actually quite off-white, but this actually worked in my favor for this particular project.

See I decided to add curtains to the window/wall in my entryway. Back when I moved in, I painted a stripe on the wall in loo of actually painting the whole entry. It was just a temporary solution until I could decide on a color I liked, but I ended up loving the stripe.


Which is a blessing and a curse considering the rest of the walls are sort of off-white and not that exciting. I’ve considered painting the walls and just repainting the stripe, but eh, not interested. All this to say… the off white curtains perfectly match the off white walls! Yay!

P1130792    P1130795 P1130796

Pretty crap pictures, but you get the gist. Pretty standard curtains, nothing exciting. But of course, my plan wasn’t to leave them this way (although it took me like four months to actually do anything about my plans).

My plan all along has been to paint a design on the curtains. I considered all kinds of designs. Stripes, polka dots, Dalmatian spots, but I finally settled on swiss crosses. Sure swiss crosses are currently very trendy, but I’m okay with that. I like them. I’m not worried about something being too trendy.

I used the same fabric medium I used for my painted fabric ottoman mixed with the black paint (Ace Hardware, Cannonball) from my kitchen.

Thankfully it is gift wrapping season around here so I taped gift wrap to the table as a buffer for the paint. It worked perfectly! Of course, per Jasmin-style I started to measure and create a template, but eh, I’m not much for patience. So I just freehanded the crosses. I did borrow two yardsticks from my Grandma (grandmas are the keepers of yardsticks after all) which helped give me at least a general idea of if my lines were straight so I think that helped, otherwise I could have easily gotten off course.

IMG_6619    IMG_6621       IMG_6626

I actually didn’t take long at all! Maybe two hours? Tops. It of course helped that I didn’t measure each and every line. I would say the crosses were around 4.5″ each way and I did a staggered row of 12 between two rows across the width of the panel.

P1130913 P1130887 P1130878    P1130881        P1130891 P1130892     P1130895        P1130902 P1130903     P1130906     P1130911 P1130912 P1130913

And there it is! I really really like them! Of course, I hoped I would, but you never know with DIY projects. I’m also genuinely surprised my lines are straight, I mean, that never happens. Yay, for project success!

My TV is a Diva

September 27, 2013 — 3 Comments

My TV is way too cool to be sitting on a dresser, or so it’s been telling me for the last year. I’m like, TV be cool, there is no need for you to be hanging up on a wall. But I got tired of it’s whining so I finally gave in. Last Christmas I asked for a TV mount and I got one. But then it sat next to the TV in it’s box for 10 months, whomp whomp.

One of my goals before the home tour (mentioned here) was to get that dang TV hung. I don’t really care about TVs hanging or not. I mean, it kind of seems like a guy thing to want the TV hung on the wall, but I had specific reasons for wanting it up off of the dresser.

1) I moved the TV and dresser from the right wall to the left after about 9 months of living here.

I love this set up so much better for many reasons, but the only set back is that in order to see the TV from both couches the TV always has to be at an angle. I’m juuuuust OCD enough that the TV being at an angle drives me insane. For the last year I’ve been moving it to angle when I’m watching it and then moving it back to a right angle when I’m not watching it. Yeah, I’m weird.

2) As seen above, the TV is resting rather precariously on the DVD player. Every time I moved the TV (which was often, as discussed in #1), the DVD player creaked and groaned and I saw angry dollar signs coming at me so I really wanted to get the TV off of the DVD player as soon as possible.

3) It is a generally known fact that I am running out of wall space so I’ve been eyeing that blank wall behind the TV for like a year now. So many options! With the TV hung up I could do one of those fancy gallery walls where the TV is incorporated. Or maybe not, I’m about one vintage advertisement away from my house becoming a TGIFridays :/

With so many reasons to hang the TV and the fact that I already owned the wall mount made it a priority before the home tour, except for the fact that I couldn’t hang it on my own. My hand is still really weak, oh speaking of my hand, have I showed you my scar yet?

My eyes are not actually as lopsided as they appear in this photo.
It is a combination of a shadow and heterochromia.
But my hand is really that pale.

Pretty gnarly, huh? I actually kind of like it! It’s very Harry Potter-ish.

Anyway, with that plus the fact that I’m pretty sure hanging a TV is a two person job I asked my brother and dad to come over help me. I’m so glad I did! Since I have plaster walls there was an added layer of difficulty, but they did a great job!

It not only looks better but now it functions much better. Photos as proof:
Flat against the wall.
Angled, view from first couch.
Angled, view from second couch.
Angled, side view.
Flat, side view.
Flat, view from entry.
Now I have this big beautiful blank wall just asking to be covered in art and photos! Or should I leave it blank? I feel torn. In some ways my house is getting overdecorated, but also I don’t care and I want to just be myself and I think I may be an overdecorated sort of person. Or maybe I’m a minimalist with a hoarding problem? So many questions!

In all of the above photos I hadn’t put the DVD player back yet, but here is what it looks like now:

Next on the to-do list is to get one of those paintable cord covers (like this) to help make the cords blend in better. I’m loving this new set up though. Now I can move the TV back and forth all day long!

In the past few years we have all been replacing (or wanting to replace) our giant CRT TVs for flat screens versions. With flat screens there are a lot of newfangled TV stands but they are expensive and in my opinion pretty ugly.

When I moved in to this house I didn’t have a TV or a TV stand so I had to buy both. For some reason I had it in my head that a dresser would be the perfect TV stand. I am sure this was inspired by something or someone but I don’t remember what or who now. All I know is that I searched craigslist for weeks until I found the perfect dresser for my new TV.*

I love it! (Although I think I have a crook in my arm because all my pictures turn out crooked…huh?) I spent more on my dresser than necessary because it was refinished by an artist, but using a dresser as a TV stand can be a really cheap option. Craigslist is always flush with dresser options and if you are willing to put in a little elbow grease you could really have something special on your hands. Here is the #1 reason I love dressers as TV stands:
DRAWERS. Most TV stands have open shelves which just isn’t practical. I know because I used to have one and it just always looked like a hot mess. DVDs were stacked everywhere, the cords were visible from the front, and they were always dusty (more on how much I hate dust here). That is why I love having drawers so much. All my DVDs fit in there perfectly and it is all dust free! In the top two drawers I have miscellaneous items like the TV manuals, remotes, and boardgames. I realize that some of you have all kinds of electrical equipment like gaming consols and multiple TV boxes (cable, DVR, blue-ray, etc) but this solution is great for those of us with a more basic set up. Here are some inspiring images of dressers as TV stands to further prove my point.

These two images show two small matching dressers pushed together for a seamless looking TV stand. The best thing about this look is that if you ever move or don’t need a TV stand anymore you still have two cool matching dressers to use anywhere else in the house (nightstands, end tables, etc). Also, if I’m not crazy, those two black dressers are IKEA Rast hacks which turned out much cooler than mine! (image sources: black dressers, chevron dressers)

These images show how people have taken pretty basic dressers and removed a few strategic drawers to house the necessary TV boxes. Brilliant! I’m sure they also drilled holes in the back for the chords… such creative thinking. (image sources: 1,2, and 3)
This dresser transformation, though not obvious from this picture, transformed a really ugly $35 dresser from a Habitat ReStore to something fun and practical with a bright coat of teal paint and new knobs.

So are you guys on board with dressers as TV stands or are you sticking with an official TV stand?

*I chose a VIZIO Smart TV because I didn’t want to pay for cable but I do use Netflix Instant so with this ‘smart TV’ I can watch Netflix on my TV (there are also other apps like Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, and Pandora).

My living room is not only an odd shape but it also has no obvious focal point which makes arranging furniture in here difficult. I’ve done a good job of arranging the large pieces of furniture, but I still struggle with the little pieces like end tables. End tables are basically the bane of my existence. Thankfully, I finally found a solution for one of the side tables that has been moving around my living room for the last three years. Jasmin-+0017-2771952115-O

See that white table on the right side of the couch? P1130218

And here again on the left side of the other couch?

I can’t find a picture of it, but for the majority of this past year this table has been on the right side of this couch in front of the window.

This a laptop desk from CB2 that I got when I first moved into this house. I really like it but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to find the right spot for it. That’s is until now! P1130842

This wall has changed quite a bit since I first moved in (the TV used to be on this wall), and more recently it housed the harp and a reading lamp. Then I moved those two pieces to other rooms, and it was looking pretty sparse over there (not pictured).

typography art

But I really like this new arrangement. It makes the chairs seem more purposeful.

P1130753 P1130759    P1130761


So that’s it, just a little change, but one that helped solve a three year frustration. So why the Part 1? Because Part 2 involves solving another end table problem I’ve been struggling with. Coming soon!

Harp Here, Harp There

May 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

Have I ever told you about my harp? You know, this one?


The harp is very old, like 1800s old. My Grandfather owned it and he gave it to me right before he died. He was a hoarder collector and I like having this as a reminder of him. It needs a lot of work though. The number one comment I get about the harp is, “Hey, your harp is missing the strings!” Yes, I’m aware, thank you. I suppose I could have it strung up but there is no way this harp will ever be able to play music because of all the other damage too it. So I mostly think of it as a sculptural piece. Anyway, the point of all this is that I moved it.

I liked it next to the TV/chairs, but I’m in a very change-it-up mood lately. Stuffs gettin’ shifted around here. So last weekend at like 1:00 am on Saturday (when I do my best work, naturally) I picked this sucker up and moved it to my dining room.

P1130526   P1130527

I moved it in here for a few reasons. 1) The corner it’s in now is total dead space. There is a huge, like 2’x3′ ft huge, air return there and nothing heavy can go on it. Harps, surprisingly, aren’t that heavy (well, at least this one isn’t). 2) I have a corners problem. Corners are everywhere (you’re welcome for that very obvious bit of wisdom), and I have no idea what to do with several of mine. The harp worked in the living room corner but I think it’s better here.

P1130529 P1130534   P1130536

As you can see from the photo above view, the harp doesn’t interfere with the walking path, but still makes the corner interesting. The good news is my dining room is now finally coming together. I actually like the direction it’s going in, yay! Here’s other views of it for a refresher.

P1130251 P1130435 P1120901

You may notice the wall color looks sometimes blue, green, or grey. It’s a very nice light grey, I’m just a terrible photographer.

As for the now empty living room corner? Ah, well, I’ll leave that for another post. But I’ve got plans!

Goodbye lamps

April 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

Four big windows and seven lamps. That’s my living room. During the day the four windows help light the room, at night it takes all seven lamps to light this room. That’s a lot of lamps.

Untitled design (2)

A few months ago the floor lantern (bottom left, from IKEA about six years ago) finally broke (it had been through a lot). And when I started working on managing the cords near the TV, I decided it was time to let the metal floor lamp go (bottom middle, purchased on craigslist, but it’s IKEA also) because it was cluttering up that area, and it doesn’t give off a ton of light.

Untitled design (3)

Untitled design (4)

So now I’m down to five lamps, which still sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a problem since this room is so big with no overhead light. I loved the light the lantern gave off, it was perfectly diffused, and the location was perfect. Easiest solution would be to just buy the exact same lantern to replace it (it’s only $29.99!), but even though I love the light it gives off, I’m not sure it’s the coolest looking lamp… so that’s it.

Those are all the thoughts I have about lamps today. Sometimes I take away things from my design and I don’t have a plan to replace them. And I’m okay with that. I often make super rash decisions, but every once and a while I take my time to make decisions. So lamps. That’s what I choose to take my time on. Yeah, I have no idea either.

As you might remember, I have cord problems. They are everywhere, especially in my living room. I’ve been putting off dealing with them for the last oh… uh, two years. But I finally got around to dealing with some of them this weekend. And of course, it only took me 15 minutes and $1 to deal with them. Note to self: Do more projects you’ve been putting off.

The Before:

Jasmin-+0020-2771956475-O P1130451 P1130452

This is the situation I’ve been dealing with around my TV. I have three lamps, a TV, DVD player, and a digital antenna plugged into two different power strips which are all jammed behind this dresser. After writing about my cord issues, so many people inspired me with ideas. This one in particular stuck with me:


My friend Katie shared it with me. I liked it a lot, but since I’m trying to avoid spending money right now I thought I’d have to wait until I had money to buy a fancy box. But then I had a brilliant idea. A few years ago I bought four standing file boxes from the dollar spot at Target. I thought they were cute and at the time I needed them to organize papers.


I currently am only using one of them and the other three were stuck in the back of my closet. So my brilliant idea was to use them for cord management.

Here’s what I did:

1) Unfolded box


2) Inserted the power strip, and then began to fold the box back together and then snipped the box where the cord interfered with the folding.


That’s it. It was super easy.

P1130458 P1130460

I didn’t take a picture of the other side, but just imagine a a power strip sitting on the long side of a file box. Okay, that may be hard to imagine…

Next I started plugging everything in. I actually got rid of one of the lamps and one of the power strips so I was left with the one power strip and five cords.

Once everything was plugged in, I started to wrap the cords up. I didn’t have twist ties so I used black pony tail holders to hold them together.


Once all the cords were wrapped up, I stuffed them in the open part of the file box. At this point I realized I had no place to put the antenna box. It usually just lays around on the floor because it actually doesn’t really work. I only get three channels and those only come in sporadically so I haven’t watched live TV in two years. But it needed to go somewhere and when I noticed  it had a picture hook on the back of it, I decided I would just hang it up to get it off of the floor.


It was getting there. A few more cords wrapped and shoved in the box and voila!

P1130491 P1130493

Before and After:

Untitled design (1)

Okay so the yellow file box doesn’t exactly blend in, but it is one step closer to a solution. My plan is to paint it, probably using the living room wall color, but I wanted to make sure it actually worked before I went to the trouble of painting it. I also still need to get a cord cover to cover the cords coming from beneath the TV. But starting the project has to count for something, right??

Cords, Cords, Cords

March 26, 2014 — 6 Comments

It’s 2014, and while a lot of things are wireless, that doesn’t always mean wire-less. For example, my wireless router has not one but two wires, wha??

Anyway, I have cord problems. They are everywhere. This has been an issue since the day I moved in, but it’s been over two years and they are still just hanging around unfettered.

Let’s take a visual tour of all of my cords, shall we?

Jasmin-+0020-2771956475-O P1130432

TVs inherently have a lot of cords, but there has got to be a better way to keep them right? I need to get a paintable cord cover for the cords that show between the TV and the dresser. But it’s the cords on the floor that I’m at a loss on how to control. In the pictures above the cords are for the TV, DVD player, and three lamps on two different power strips. My best thought is to duct tape them all to the back of the dresser, but then aren’t the cords just going to be all draped up to the back of the dresser? If anyone has a better idea, I’d be happy to hear it!

Jasmin-+0028-2771967481-O photo

Behind this vintage side table is a cord nightmare (I’m pretty sure I hid them for the first picture). The problem with old homes is they often have either not enough outlets, outlets in weird places, and/or only two prong outlets. My living room is riddled with all three. In this area of the room there is only one outlet, it’s two prong, and it’s behind a couch. So I have to use a two prong extension cord that has three prong outlets. The other issue in this living room is that there is no overhead light so I have six lamps in here. That’s a lot of cords. Here’s my issue with this area, cords don’t just willingly lie against the baseboard. They are curvy. So my only option would be to tape or staple them against the baseboards which isn’t appealing to me.

P1130428 P1130429

In the other area of my living room, I’ve attempted to mask some of the cords. I wrapped a file box in fabric and set it on top of a power strip and the router. But it barely does it’s job since the phone line is on the way. Remember house phones? This house has two wall jacks. It’s so weird to me. I haven’t had a house phone, well, since I lived with my parents I guess. I need to either paint that green phone cord the color of the wall or get another cord cover. I’m also thinking that once my sofa table is built I can shove the router and power strip under the table (that wouldn’t work right now because the table is tubs).

So there are most of my cord problems. I have cord problems in other rooms, but the living room is the worst. If you have any tips for me I’d be very grateful!

It’s unbelievable to me but I’ve only lived in this house for two years (as of January 8th). It feels like forever… in a good way!

Last year, I did a big long post with all the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots so it’s only reasonable that I would do another big update. In the mess of life I have digitally misplaced the ‘Before’ photos my house, but God bless the internet because I found some of my house still online (kind of weird I guess, but oh well!).

m Jasmin-+0004-2771940548-O I haven’t done much work to the exterior of this house besides the obvious paint job. I am still so happy with the exterior paint! It has made the greatest difference in my homes appearance. I’ve attempted to trim the bushes and I’ve update the porch furniture (although the furniture in the picture was just borrowed for the home tour), but I still have major plans for this area. I want to replace the bushes, screen-in the front porch, and upgrade the porch furniture. But all in due time.

m (1) Jasmin-+0011-2771944738-O I’m so happy I found a good ‘before’ photo of the entry way! I didn’t have one before. I painted the stripe in the entry about six months after moving in. It was meant to be a temporary fix until I decided on what color I really wanted to paint the entry, but I actually decided I really like it. So it has remained this way for the last 18 months. I don’t have plans to alter the entry way much, but I would like to eventually either upgrade the cheap blinds in there (not pictured, but they are just plain white vinyl blinds) to either the same white fabric roman shades in my living room or cool patterned curtains. Someday.

m (4)

m (5)

Jasmin-+0014-2771948317-O Jasmin-+0020-2771956475-O

Ahhh… much better! I love my living room! Not a whole lot has changed in the last year. I got new roman shades, hung my TV, and painted a thrifted ottoman, but I’m pretty happy with my progress in here. In fact, I don’t have many plans to add or change this room. Although, as I write that, I can think of a few things… My old IKEA lantern style floor lamp bit the dust this year and my living room is missing it’s light. I also hate the metal floor lamp in the corner (it gives off the worst light!) so at some point I will sell that and replace it. I’ve also thrown around ideas about adding art or photographs around the TV but its only an idea at this point. I also want to build a table to replace the faux sofa table I created awhile back. So it seems what is done, is not done.

m (3) m (6)

Little House Design: Art around bookcase P1120901

Little House Design: Art around bookcase

My dining room had quite the makeover this year (actually more like this past month)! I hung old windows, painted the dining room light grey, got new bookcases, and hung my gilded bird prints. I’m happy to say that I actually like this room now! Okay, it still isn’t my favorite room, but it is quite a bit better than before. Since I’ve spent so much time on this room lately, it’s time to redirect my attention to other rooms, but some day I would like to get a new table, add a rug, and replace the vinyl blinds. Oh, and I’ve had my eye out for a new credenza to replace the grey and white IKEA one that’s in there. It was a clearance purchase which I would like to upgrade at some point (maybe something like this or this?).

m (2)

before kitchen

Jasmin-+0065-2772036733-O Jasmin-+0058-2772018886-O Jasmin-+0057-2772019183-O The biggest change to my kitchen this year was the installation of the cork floors. I love them so much! Other than that, I have made a few little changes like staining the threshold, adding a fan from Japan, Instagraming the ‘fridge, and a new thrifted runner under the sink. Some day I would love to change the countertop and backsplash but I don’t have any plans to do that soon. But what I really want is a DISHWASHER. Two years without one and I’m about to go mad with hand-washing dishes. But as much as I want one there really isn’t a place for one in the kitchen so on I trudge through the murky waters of dishwashing.

m (7)

Jasmin-+0090-2772085685-O Jasmin-+0098-2772064414-O P1130191 P1130178

The biggest change this year was the selling of my big black bookcase. For about nine months all of my books were stacked neatly along the wall until the found a more permanent home in the dining room. Now the wall is blank, except for the my Swiss souvenir. I also moved the bird art over my bed, cleaned my sheepskin rug (misadventures ensued), and hung a paper crane mobile. I already have something to hang over my bed, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d love to refinish the floors in here but I’m not sure I’m up for the task just yet. I’m also searching craigslist and thrift shops for a thin desk for the big blank wall. I don’t think I’ll ever really sit at a desk in there but it would be nice to have a place to organize all the bills, keepsakes, coupons, and other little things that end up on my dining room table in plain view.

Jasmin-+0106-2772086825-O Jasmin-+0108-2772087840-O

By far my least favorite room, the second bedroom is what it is. It is currently occupied by a temporary roommate so it’s sort of out of site, out of mind. I don’t think I’ve even walked in there five times this year let alone done any updates, so this is how it will remain for the foreseeable future. Also, I have no before photo of this room so you know, fail.


Jasmin-+0104-2772080762-O Jasmin-+0102-2772080301-O

Mostly ignore that pretty horrible before shot because I can’t even explain what is going on there. I didn’t do much of anything in my bathroom this year besides getting a new bath mat and hanging my recovered nesting doll art. This bathroom badly needs new shower tile, but it’s just not in the cards right now.

And that’s the tour! This has been a good year in this old house and I’m looking forward to what I can accomplish next!

All of the good pictures in this post are courtesy of Ashley A. Photography 🙂

This is the second installment of my ‘Use What You’ve Got’ series. I’ve got to say I’m loving this series! It is getting me out there into people’s homes helping them rearrange what they have. It’s good fun for everyone! You can see the first post in the series here.

This post is all about Kim’s living room. Kim is an auction-buying expert so she and I had a good time talking about all our thrifted wares. But unlike me, Kim loves to resell her auctioned items and keeps her house more streamlined and minimalistic. She asked me to help her with her living room, but because I am like the most forgetful blogger every I forgot to take a true ‘before’ picture. Oops! Here is a semi-before picture (we had already started shifting things around).

Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall

When I got there the chair was actually on the left and the table was on the right and was being used as a desk with a desk chair. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the arm chair was sort of blocking the path into the living room.

Since I wanted to moved the chair to the left the desk went to the right (like it is above). I don’t think the table is actually a desk, it is the right height and width to be considered a credenza or sofa table so I thought it would be interesting to try it out as that.

But then once the table was moved, the art looked weak and made the wall look small so I looked for something else to add to the wall. Above Kim’s TV she had this awesome fan that I decided to move to this wall (she has already made plans to get something else for above the TV).

Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall

I really like the fan there! It was the perfect piece to spread the art out and make the wall look more important, more of a focal point. Once we had the art set we started playing with different items to decorate the table with (hence all the stuff everywhere).

Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall

It took us quite a while to get there with the styling. Sometimes it just takes a while to find the right accessories to fit a space and that’s okay! I’ll try anything when I’m styling… baskets, picture frames, books, flowers, plants, really anything is potential. Even though it took us a while to get there, I’m happy with the end result. The wall is now a focal point and the left side is now more open for easier access to the room.

And since I was already there, I helped Kim with one last thing.

Like in most houses, Kim’s kitchen cabinets stop about 12-18 inches before the ceiling. She’s struggled with what to put up there so she admits she just stuck a bunch of stuff up there so it wasn’t empty.

Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall

I told her that in my opinion, you don’t necessarily need anything above cabinets. So we took everything down to see what she thought of it.

Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall Little House Design: Use what you've got series, Kim's living room wall

This side also had a bunch of stuff up there, but I like it so much better now that it’s clean and simple. We left the ‘EAT’ letters up there because I liked them and they draw the eye up without making that area cluttery. I’ve done a post before about what to do with the top of cabinets so I think there are cool things you can do like a collection or monochromatic layering but I also don’t think that blank space is the worst thing ever. The top of my new bookcase are still empty and maybe they will stay that way.

Anyway, it was a really fun night at Kim’s house and I think we did some great work!

Want to get in on this series? Here is how you can be a part of it:

– You live in the greater Indianapolis area

– You have a specific area in mind that you want help with and you are willing to act on the project while I’m there (for example, if you want me to help you lay out a gallery wall, you’ll need a hammer and nails because we’re hanging them up that day!).

– You have to be willing to let me photograph our project for use on this here blog :) I’ve decided to do this series as a free service because I love doing this sort of stuff and it gives me content for my blog. It’s a win-win!

– I won’t be able to get to everyone but I’d like to do one a month so if you are interested and you fit the criteria fill out the Contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling! Get excited!