Bathroom Mini-remodel Part Two

July 13, 2012 — 4 Comments

Bathroom part two. After I got the mirror put in I waited a few weeks and then had the tile put in. The floor in there wasn’t that bad in the sense that it was all intact, but it was so ugly that I could not stand it. Here is the before:

See what a good job I did covering it up? You barely notice it, but still… I knew it was there. Initially, I told my friend that I hired to do the tile work that I would do the demolition. I thought that I could easily pull out the floor… but I over-estimated my abilities. This is how far I got:

My dog was no help. So I left it up to the professional. Apparently I wasn’t that off base because the floor was hard for him to get up too. He pulled up FOUR layers of old flooring! He stripped it down to original studs and the put cement board on top of that. Needless to say it was a big old mess, but it really needed a new sub-floor so I can’t complain. Here is the project mid-way through:

Yeah, it was a mess. But, it was all worth it because it got done and it looks beautiful!

So pretty right? I chose white hex tiles from Home Depot. I vacillated between the all white and the black and white for a long time, but finally decided that the white may be better for reselling the house. I also decided to add some more art and storage to the walls. This is an old orange crate that my grandma gave me. I set it on it’s side and added baskets for storage.

I went to a local salvage yard and found some more crates and decided to hang them on the wall. I also decided to group together all the pencil drawings I’ve collected which is a total of… three. My collection is a little young but it’ll get better. Here is the final collection which is above the toilet opposite of the medicine cabinet.

I’m very happy with the way it all turned out!


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4 responses to Bathroom Mini-remodel Part Two

  1. We have old white hex tiles in the bathroom of our house just outside of Irvington. But, either they didn’t do a good job of sealing them or any kind of sealant they put on them came off in the last 96 years (or whenever they put the tile in) because ours look dirty all the time and it drives me bananas. Do you mind me asking how much it cost you to get that tile put down? We are hopefully going to list our house soon and I’m afraid the dirty looking tiles will scare people away and I’ve thought several times about replacing them with newer versions of the same tiles.

    • Hi Rachel, I had a friend lay my tile for me. It was his first time laying tile so he gave me a good deal and charged me about $300 (I’m not sure he wants to tile any more but I just texted him and if says he’s interested I’ll message you his contact info). I love the look of the old hex tiles and that is crazy that yours has lasted so long! It’s a bummer that it looks dirty though. I found hex tiles to be way more expensive than other types of tile (especially the 12″x12″ tiles- those are crazy cheap) but I love the look of hex and since my home was built in 1925 I wanted to keep with the style. All in all the project (tile+ materials+ labor) cost me around $650. I’m very happy with the finished project and I’d be happy if it last even half the amount of time yours has. It’s definitely not the cheapest project, but from what I’ve read/seen bathrooms are a big selling point in homes so it may be worth it to you if you’re trying to sell. Good luck!

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