Because I’ll spray paint just about anything

March 24, 2014 — 1 Comment

A year and half ago I discovered a secret paper towel holder hiding under my kitchen cabinet. I still remember how genuinely surprised I was to find it.


How I managed to live in this house for nine months without noticing it is still beyond me.

It occurred to me the other day that this paper towel holder has a lot of potential.


At first I was thinking I would have to tape it off and paint it there, but one quick head dunk under the cabinet revealed it was easily removable. It was poorly painted to begin with and then it had a few rusted spots so I knew a few coats of spray paint would make it look much better. I used gold not because I think it’s the best color but because it’s the only spray paint I have right now. My white ran out and I have a nearly full can of black (which I was going to use), but the sprayer tip is broken 🙁

P1130419 P1130421 P1130427

I think it looks really nice! It took me all of five minutes (plus drying time) to do this project so if I ever buy a new can of spray paint in the future I’ll consider re-painting it. I don’t hate the gold, but I think other colors might look nice. I thought black would look cool because of the walls, or even red or something fun. I really love having an under the cabinet paper towel holder. I’m surprised it’s not a more popular thing in kitchens!

In other news, I need to clean under my cabinets because it looks disgusting under there. Who knew you had to clean under kitchen cabinets?? It’s never even occurred to me to clean under there before!

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One response to Because I’ll spray paint just about anything

  1. I would have never thought of that…ingenious!

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