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January 15, 2014 — 1 Comment

As you’ll recall I shook things up about a year ago when I sold the black bookcase in my room. It went from this:

0271_P1080402 copy

To this:

1769_P1120140 copy

To this present look:


Minus the power cord (there are only two outlets in this room and they are both in inconvenient locations) that area is blissfully empty. Though it may not be terribly obvious from the pictures above I have moved the bed over about 6″ making the room seem even more open when you first walk in.

Why did I do that? Because when I initially hung the Kandinsky posters and bird prints I hung them where my nightstand was too far from the bed. And since I am severely accident prone having a nightstand over a foot away from the bed is just an accident waiting to happen (I have literally fallen out of bed trying to reach for something).

But since I moved the bird prints to the dining room, I don’t have to have the bed centered under them any more, so I moved the bed over.

P1130191 P1130193

It’s narrower on that side now which is fine with me.

I have two things on the agenda for the bedroom now.

1) To hang something over the bed (I already have the something, but I’ll leave you in suspense until it is hung).

2) Begin the glorious craigslist hunt for a desk

I’m sure you can guess which one I’m most excited about 😉 I’m always hoping for a good excuse to lift my craigslist ban and I may even branch out into auctions – exciting!

I’m looking for a long, narrow desk, basically a parson’s desk. I think it will fit nicely on the big blank wall and it will be a nice place to organize all of my papers and office-y stuff (yes, I have a desk in the second bedroom but since I have roommates off and on -currently on- I don’t really consider that room as usable space).

Let the search begin!


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One response to Bedroom Plans

  1. Hi! Feel like I’m commenting a lot but I love the spindle bed. I want an open-looking bed in my guest room. Hoping for spindle, 4 poster, or maybe a white iron one. I’ve been looking on craigslist but obviously b/c I’m looking for it, it doesn’t exist at the moment.

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