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This summer while I was in Mexico I went to the oldest church in Cozumel (I know, I know, most people go to the beach, but you can only sit in the sun for so long and I’m more of a historical tour kind of grandma). I was so inspired by the windows in this church.

I love the color combination of green and yellow with the white walls. So why not use that inspiration for the home? Here a few of my favorite green, yellow, and green/yellow things.

Turf clock by CB2. This clock is $89.95 which is expensive but it’s huge, as in 30″ huge. I hate the phrase ‘bang for your buck’ but this may be the very definition.

Spider coat rack from CB2. I love this! Maybe I should get it for my entry way? It is $99.95 which is expensive but you could totally spray paint a coat rack from a yard sale and get the same look.

Hancock clover bookcase from CB2 which is $199. I love this bookcase because of the ‘X’ supports and because it’s such a wonderful color. Again, this something totally DIY-able. It’s all about being bold with your color choices.

The End bookend from CB2 for $14.95. I have been in love with this book end for months now, but for whatever reason I just have sprung on it yet. This is a great buy because it is high impact for a low price.

Y by Alistair Frost from 20×200. This print comes in several sizes starting at $24. Such a fun happy print!

Untitled 1 by Cecily Brown from 20×200. I love this pattern.

Lovebird #6 by Luke Stephenson from 20×200. Why I am so attracted to bird prints?

Shadowscape by Michelle Marie Murphy from 20×200. This is a more geometric take on art. Wouldn’t this look lovely on a gallery wall?

Intense Jade lamp from Target. This lamp is only $19.99!

Patterned yellow pillow from Target. I’m in love with this pillow and the fact this it’s only $12.99 doesn’t hurt either.

Green circles rug by IKEA. This rug is 9’x 6′ and is only $99! It would look lovely with hardwood floors showing through.

Janette curtains by IKEA, the pair is $24.99. Such high impact curtains for a low price… which I guess is kind of obvious since that is IKEA’s M.O.

IKEA pendant lamp in yellow for $99. How cheery is this light? I think it would make even the gloomiest of people smile.

Have you been inspired by an image or place lately?

Buy Art

August 29, 2012 — 3 Comments

I did a post about Etsy, but there are so many more great places to buy art online. Here are a few of my favorite places to buy art.


Animal Locomotion: Plate 733 (Elephant) by Eadweard Muybridge

Apres Grande 12 by Christian Chaize

I love 20×200. I haven’t actually bought anything from here but I do hope to some day. The best part about this place is that you can get most of these prints for $24! They have a huge selection that rotates a lot. It’s good to check this site often because the $24 prints sell out quickly.

Canvas & Canvas



Canvas & Canvas is a shop whose goal is to “rescue the world from sad walls.” Such a fun goal, right? The prints sold here are around $160, but they are on stretched canvas and they are 2’x2′ so it’s a pretty good price for such unique art (they are usually a limited edition print with about 100 in circulation).

L’Affiche Moderne

N.5 from the BALLET series by A. Borisov Studio

I love stripes 2 by Van den Heuvel Daphne

L’Affiche Moderne is a European company that ships world wide. The prices are listed in Euros but a smaller print from here will run you about $50. Not bad for cool art, especially since you can say, “Oh yes, that ol’ thing is from Europe.” You’ll sound super pretentious and people will want to be you.

Little Paper Planes

Bird in Flight Large Format Print by HANDSworkshop

Matthew Walkerdine Print 3 by Matthew Walkerdine

Little Paper Planes has a huge selection of prints under $25, under $50, and under $100. I love it when shops give you the choice of looking in your price range. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a piece only to find out it is $400. These two prints are $25 and $35 respectively.

Bold & Noble

New York City Type Map in Sheer Slate

Trees around Britain in Yellow Moss

Bold & Noble is an English company that sells typographic art. I love all the maps made of the city names. The prices are listed in pounds but these prints here will run you around $68. That’s not cheap but these are pretty big prints around 2’x2.5′.

Happy art shopping!