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Hello and welcome to my newly redesigned blog!

Way back in June I gave you all an update on my blog plans (here) which included attending the Haute Blog workshop. Well that day finally arrived! A week ago, several other bloggers and myself spent an amazing day making our blogs look and perform more professionally. It was such a fun experience and I learned so much! I’m so grateful to the Haute Blog girls, Allie and Erika for putting on such a great workshop!

Visually my blog hasn’t changed too drastically, but I love it so much more now. Most of the changes we made are on the back end including the big move to WordPress, a new domain (I dropped the ‘my’), new plug-ins, and a lot of other things that are hard to explain (mostly because I don’t understand them well enough to explain them ha).

I hope you enjoy the new look! Take a moment to look around. All the tabs work except for the links within the ‘Home Tour’ tab. Why don’t they work? It all goes back to the special project that I’ve been hinting at for a few weeks, which is that I hired an very old friend to come over before the Irvington Home Tour to take professional photographs of my house. I have a decent camera but my photography skills are amateur at best, so since I had my house all shiny and clean for the home tour I knew I had to take advantage of it. Enter Ashley a. Photography. Ashley and I went to elementary school together for two years and then reconnected when we went to the same high school. Then a few months ago we ran into each other at an art show. Apparently, the third time was a charm for us and we decided to try and work together some time. Even though Ashley normally does weddings she was game to photograph my house. The photos turned about amazing! So for the next few days I’ll be showcasing her photographs by room in my house and as I post them I’ll update the links in the ‘Home Tour’ tab.

Exciting times around here! I’m sure there will be glitches so be patient. If there is a glaring issues please let me know and I’ll Google how to fix it haha. Also, older posts may look a little strange and/or old links won’t work, but I’m going to go back through them systematically and fix old issues.

See you back here tomorrow!

Blog Plans

June 24, 2013 — 4 Comments

Six months ago I gave an update on my blog plans, but I haven’t said much about that since. So here it is, my big blog plan:

1) This month I will be only posting two times a week (Monday and Thursday at 11:30am) because I’ll be traveling (details to come later!). Here is a very veiled hint as to where I will be traveling:

via Pinterest

2) This blog will be active up until July 18th when there may be an interruption in your access to the site. Why you may ask? Because I will attending the Haute Blog pop up workshop! I’m super excited to attend the workshop, but I’m even more excited to re-launch this blog with a new and improved design! The way this blog looks now is fine, just fine, but I’ve got lots of plans and I’m excited to make this blog look more like it does in my dreams. There may be an interruption in the service for a few days but trust me, it will be worth it!

via Haute Blog

3) Surprise, I actually like blogging! I started this blog when I first bought my house, but I did it privately. I didn’t want to share it with anyone until I was sure I would keep it up. And for the first six months I only wrote five posts, but then I had a sort of revelation. Blogging is a sort of discipline. I couldn’t just do it when I “felt” like it, I had to do it regularly to develop the habit. So I resolved to blog every day for one month… which didn’t happen. But I did write 24 posts in two months and from then on the habit was established. I’ve tried to blog between 1-5 times per week since. Some weeks are harder than others to get the posts completed but I’ve tried to update my content as often as possible. When I only post once or twice a week it isn’t because I don’t want to but because I don’t have time to. I’m a single woman so I don’t have a lot of excuses when it comes to time management but recently have been working several jobs and making time for my blog is getting harder and harder so…

4) I’m going down to part-time at my current full-time job! I am super excited to be cutting back at my curent job. This blog can, in no way, support me but I have a lot of super exciting opportunities opening up to me and want to allow myself more time to work on the things I enjoy doing, namely this blog. So good news, I will have more time to do projects, to write posts, and in general be a better blogger.

Get excited!

Projects Be Happening

January 30, 2013 — Leave a comment
Look what’s happening this week:
If you follow this blog super closely you may be able to guess what this is but for those of you are newer you’ll just have to stay tuned… (or click the image link and then it’s obvious).


January 3, 2013 — 3 Comments

Yep, it happened. After 108 (nearly) consecutive posts I’ve run out of ideas.

I’m not giving up though, just taking a sort of mental break. Maybe it’s a Christmas/New Year mental hangover? … yeah, let’s go with that.

So you guys should give me ideas. What would you like to see me do next on here? Any projects you’d like me to tackle? Is there a certain designer or trend you’d like me to showcase? Any online window shopping you need me to do?

Help me, I need fodder!

In other news, it snowed and my house looks adorable!

Yep, this is my 100th post! Not bad for a six month old blog.

I will be the first to say my blog isn’t the best looking and posts are often too short or have bad pictures, etc. But you still come to look and for that I am seriously grateful. (Also, if you would have told me six months ago that I would be spending all my free time coding my blog I would have googled, “what is coding?”)

So here is the state of the blog: I’m not going anywhere. My Little House Design is here and can now be found at, the much easier to remember,

So thank you again for visiting and if you ever have suggestions or you want to guest post here please email me, I’d love to hear from you! jasminsnyderATgmailDOTcom

A Love Letter in Pictures

November 2, 2012 — 3 Comments

I don’t have a baby, I didn’t just have a wedding, and I’m not into politics so I haven’t cluttered up any social media feeds with the like but I am kind of obsessed with my house (as you may have guessed). That is one of the many reasons I started this blog. I want to share pictures of my house and my adventures in DIY/decorating/designing without my friends growing weary of my daily photobombing their instagram feed with pics of throw pillows and gallery walls. So here are all the pictures I have taken lovingly of my house, as if it were a baby or a wedding gown or a favorite candidate, all in one post so that I can get it out of my system and you can look or not.

The end.

I love Chicago and one of the benefits of moving back to the midwest is that now I am only a few short hours away. As I mentioned here, I went on an architectural river cruise this past weekend when I was there. The thing I was looking forward to most was getting a good up close view of my absolute favorite two buildings in the US, Marina City. The towers were designed by Bertrand Goldberg and built in 1964.

So beautiful! I’ve been in love with these buildings since Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album came out in 2001.


This is one of my all time favorite album covers.

I was so inspired by these buildings and all I could think while I was looking at them is how trendy the scallop pattern is right now. Here some awesome scallop patterned items:

I love this DIY scallop art work from Playing Grown Up. It seems like a really easy project because she just used a large hole punch on different colored paper and then layered the pieces over top of each other until she got this scalloped look. Love!

This scallop stencil from Royal Design Studio is so bold. I think it would look awesome and trippy in small space like an entry or bathroom.

I shared this scallop rug from Urban Outfitters in this post, but it fits here too. Such a great rug and it comes in several colors like this bold green and a more neutral grey.

I love this colorful print by Steven Womack sold on Society6. If you aren’t crafty enough to DIY the art above you can buy this lovely print for $15 and save yourself the headache!

I love this retro scallop bunting fabric! It would be adorable in a kids room especially since it’s only $6.74 a yard.

If you aren’t ready to make a commitment to the scallops trend you could opt for something less permanent like this sparkly gold scallop garland from StephanieLovesBen. This would be adorable at any party or in a kids room (heck it would look cool in a living room if you styled it right!).

So are you in or out with the scallop pattern?

Also, thanks for your patience while I was away. In the past month I’ve been to Phoenix, Chicago, and DC they were all great trips, but I am happy to report that I am back in Indy for the rest of the calendar year so there shouldn’t be any further interruptions with my posts. Thanks for hanging in there!

I’m bad at blogging.

January 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

I love reading house design blogs and when I finally got my own home I thought it would be so much fun to have my own blog… I was wrong. Getting a blog is easy, maintaining it is another story. The blogs I like have these detailed, how-to projects and as much as love doing the projects I really don’t care to talk about them after they are finished.

BUT, I don’t want to give up just yet so here is another attempt.

This picture is of my new kitchen… pretty blah, but perfectly nice. I started by pulling up the old contact paper. And by ‘I’ I mean with my mom’s help and by ‘old’ I mean from the 1930s. It took a while.

Then we cleaned it all up and then I decided to paint the inside of the cabinets the same color as the wall. I don’t have a picture of the painted cabinets because I’m really bad at blogging.

Maybe next time.