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This is my second bedroom as of September 2013, enjoy!

Little House Design: Simple guest bedroom Little House Design: Simple guest bedroom Little House Design: Simple guest bedroom Little House Design: Simple guest bedroom

All photographs are courtesy of Ashley a. Photography, thanks Ashley!

Living Room Photographs

October 22, 2013 — 5 Comments

This is my living room as of September 2013, enjoy!

Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room Little House Design: Eclectic, vintage style living room

All photos are courtesy of Ashley a. Photography, thanks Ashley!

Christmas was almost a month ago and I have yet to share some of the cool stuff I got as gifts. Well, better late than never. Here are some awesome things I got as gifts some of which I asked for (and have blogged about wanting previously) and some were lucky good guesses.
Do you notice what is different in this picture?
I got a white ceramic tortoise shell! Before I had a Singin’ in the Rain poster there. I love that movie and I’ve had the poster for about 10 years, but it was time for a change up (plus, I didn’t want to drill another hole).
But I love the tortoise shell there. I like how the light sort of spot lights it.
The tortoise shell is from Nate Berkus’ Target collection. I blogged about the shell here and here and I’m pretty sure I told my Mom like five times that I wanted it for Christmas so I was very excited that I got it.
My Mom is a major Nate Berkus fan so she also picked up this black and white chevron urn. I love it! I love a good black and white graphic print so it fits my style perfectly. I have a feeling this piece will be traveling all over my house but for now it is in the kitchen.
Here’s another think my Mom picked up for me. It is a sweet little spice jar from Anthropology. The name plate is chalkboard but I lost my chalk so I haven’t written anything on it yet. I love the red lid and how it works perfectly with my other kitchen stuff. I keep matches in it.
My Mom also got me this awesome chain link from the Nate Berkus collection (I told you she was a big fan). I featured it in this post. I don’t know what to do with this really, I just like it. It has moved around the house this past month, but at this moment it is on a side table in my living room.
So those are few of the cool things I got for Christmas. Oh, I also got this:
But I somehow missed taking a picture of it. I’ve wanted this for like two years so I was very excited to get it!
I love decorating but I can’t go out and buy everything I want all the time so Christmas is a good time to ask for stuff like this. One of the major benefits of being unmarried is that my parents still buy me lots of gifts!
Happy Friday!

A few months ago I revealed that I have too much space (I know, major first world problem). My house is just shy of 1,000 sq ft, hence the blog title ‘little house’, but for one person and medium sized dog that is a lot of space. At least more than I was used to. The truth of the matter is that I do not need a guest room/office which I mood boarded here. So I decided it was time to face the fact that I need to rent the room out. My hesitation in renting before was that I really, really enjoy living alone. It is so nice and quiet, I don’t have to wear pants like ever, and I can paint a room at 2 am with asking anyone’s permission; it’s basically heaven on earth. BUT, I was beginning to feel like a bit of a space glutton. I have this perfectly nice room that isn’t being used and I can always use extra money so I (reluctantly) put on my big girl pants and looked into renting out the room. I debated about opening up the listing to friends but instead I opted to go a completely different route. I decide to host an international college student. The reason I chose this route is because it is extremely flexible. The students come for four week sessions and if I ever don’t want a student for a particular month I can just say ‘no.’ I also have someone I can go to if for some reason things aren’t working out and I want the student to move to a different home (you definitely don’t have that option when you rent to a person on a one year lease!). I’m a little nervous but mostly I think it will just be really weird and interesting. Since I decided to host someone as opposed to rent out the room I had to completely furnish the room. Thankfully, I already had a rug, dresser, and bed so this entire room makeover only cost me $100. Not bad!

Keep in mind this isn’t my best work. I by no means love this room and I didn’t ‘design’ it like I have any other part of my house. But I figured that an international student who will be completely out of their element wouldn’t really appreciate my putting them up in a room that had navy blue walls with orange accents. So I went for subtle and sparse instead which is basically the opposite of my style but ah well, here it is… Oh, if you want before pictures go here.

So we are in agreement that this is a really sad makeover right? It isn’t at all what I would have done if the room were for myself. But, I do think it will be perfectly acceptable for a student.
What I did:
– Since this was a zero to low-cost makeover I used the half gallon of paint (Behr- Graceful Gray) I had left over from the first kitchen wall color (here. It is also the color of the stripe in the entry way, here). I should get an award for this paint job. I painted the whole room with half a gallon of paint and I did it under an hour and a half! I just high-fived myself.
– I got the desk chair and matching lamp set from a used furniture store for $44.00 total. I love the chair because it is that old kind that gently bounces.
– I got this awesome desk on craigslist for $60. It was one of those old steel case desks that weighs about 200lbs (seriously). I love the green. I also really like how big the desktop is. It’s perfect for a student.
– I hung art that I had lying around. I tried to pick pieces that weren’t offensive or anything. I got the vintage French ad for my 12th birthday. I was obsessed with it forever. The trend is way over but I still love that piece and I’ll always keep it around.
What still needs done:
–  I want to buy a box spring for the daybed so the bed will have more height. I saw some used ones on craigslist for about $35 so not too expensive.
– The lamps still need some love. The bases are in good shape but the lampshades have seen better days. I’m thinking about wrapping them in fabric or something. Stay tuned…
– I did not get around to changing the light fixture in this room yet, but someday I will. Thankfully the one in there is innocuous. Next time I go to IKEA I’ll probably pick up one of the ones I mentioned in this post about lighting.
– Eventually, much further down the road, I will refinish the hardwood floors.
Overall, it’s an improvement over the former storage room that it was, but not by far.

* I fixed the comments! Thanks to those of you that gave me feedback about the problems you were having. Hopefully you are able to comment now if you want and thanks for visiting my blog!

I grew up in a house without lamps. I know that’s a weird statement to make but it’s true. Homes built in the 80s – 90s have overhead lights in each room so there was never a need for lamps. But now that I live in an older home not all my rooms have overhead lighting plus I just really love lamps now (there’s an Anchorman joke in there but I’m too lazy to write it well). Of the eight lamps I have four are from IKEA, two are from Target, and two are from thrift shops. What I love most about lamps is that they make rooms feel more intimate than a harsh overhead light. They also are a great way to create a vignette in any corner. If you have a side table, a lamps, a stack of books, and ceramic animal you have an instant design moment.

Here is a roundup of some cool and inexpensive lamps from around the interwebs.

Vintage lamp from Era for $40. Vintage lamps are pretty easy to find at thrift shops and garage sales. Buying vintage lamps is great because you can find them for pretty cheap and since they are unique they will add interest to any design.

Owl lamp from Target for $33.99. I chose this lamp to typify the ‘animal’ trend in home decor. Owls, birds, elephants… you name it I’ve seen a lamp with it. Animal lamps are a fun way to add personality to a side table or nightstand without being too crazy.

Copper lamp from Walmart for $64.00. This lamp is blowing my mind because it is cool and also because it’s from Walmart… ???

Tall white lamp from Walmart for $48.00. I love how tall this lamp is at 25″ and also because this is the perfect kind of lamp to jazz up the lampshade.

Ada white table lamp from CB2 for $59.95. I love this lamp! In fact, I think it just went on my Christmas list. So mod, so Saarinen, and decently priced too.

Kulla lamp by IKEA for $49.99. I love this lamp! Mostly because I love black lampshades. Just image if you had two of these on a credenza… perfection. Also, hot tip: lamps are always better in pairs.

So are you into lamps or are you happy with overhead lighting only?

Online Window Shopping: Rugs

October 17, 2012 — 1 Comment

As I shared yesterday, I have two rugs in my bedroom now. The zig zag rug was purchased from for $80 about 10 months ago.

It is a very low pile rug which I don’t mind. It’s a bold statement for a low price. I get tired of rugs after a few years so I don’t want to feel too bad when I get rid of them. The first rug I ever bought was the pod rug from CB2. It was expensive to me at around $250.

It is a great quality rug which I still have (it’s hanging in the second bedroom) but since it is wool it shed everywhere which was annoying. I now prefer weaved or low pile rugs, this works in my favor since those are much cheaper rugs… but they aren’t comfortable or cozy really, so it comes down to a preference thing. The rug in my living room is the Stockholm Rand rug from IKEA which costs $299 but I got it for $50 in the ‘As Is’ section.

I love that rug, unfortunately is pretty dirty now, but I think I just need to get a carpet cleaner and it will be fine. So that is my rug run down. I would love to eventually add a runner in my kitchen and a rug in my dining room so here are some rugs that I found online that are both affordable and cool.

Gradiated Stripe Cotton Dhurrie by West Elm, the 5’x8′ is only $99. This rug is great and it comes in blue and orange as well. West Elm is pretty high end stuff so this rug should be good quality. If I ever replace my Stockholm Rand in my living room I’ll probably replace it with something like this since the 8’x10′ (the size I really need in my living room) is only $229.

Bemba Printed Jute Rug by West Elm, 5’x8′ is $199. This rug is a little pricey for me, but for rugs in general it is cheap. I like this print even though it doesn’t fit with the style of any of my rooms currently.

Kodlby Cowhide by IKEA for $199. I have wanted a cowhide rug since I was a kid (I was a weird kid) and IKEA’s cowhides are a great price. My parent’s have this one and I’m super jealous. Cowhides can run from $400-$700 so $199 is great price (although I can’t speak for the humane treatment of the cows used for these rugs).

Alvine Ruta rug by IKEA, $249. I think this rug is lovely. It has that sort of hard Aztec vibe but in such a cheery yellow it would look great in any room.

Lappljung Ruta rug by IKEA, $69.99. This rug is a weird shape, it a 7’x7′ square instead of the traditional rectangle shape. I love this pattern. Like the rug before it has that aztec feel and in black and white it is very bold and hard, which is totally my thing.

Honeycomb area rug by Target, $159. This rug also comes in black and white, but this olive and grey is so moody that I love it.

Asilah Sahara rug by Target, $199. This rug isn’t my particular style but it is so beautiful and fancy that it would look great if your style is more soothing neutral colors (as opposed to my more graphic saturated color palette).

Hand Woven Wool Twist rug by Target, $143. I wish I could show you a close up of this rug because this rug looks like a sweater up close (click the link and you’ll see). I’m in love with this rug and I wish I had the money and space for it.

Zig Zag rug by Urban Outfitters, 5’x7′ is $89. This rug comes in tons of colors (black, teal, yellow, etc) and it is from a respectable brand. What I love about this rug is that it is such a trendy pattern for a low price. When/if this pattern goes out of style you won’t have invested hundreds of dollars (this was my thought process behind the zig zag rug in my bedroom).

Herringbone rug by Urban Outfitters, 5’x7′ for $89. I love a good herringbone pattern! This rug is awesome and I love it in this bright navy blue. This rug also comes in many colors including gold and coral.

Scallop rug by Urban Outfitters, 5’x7′ for $89. Does this scallop rug look familiar? Well, if you read Young House Love then you will recognize it as the rug they have in their kitchen (in grey). I personally love it in this green.

Happy rug shopping!

This summer while I was in Mexico I went to the oldest church in Cozumel (I know, I know, most people go to the beach, but you can only sit in the sun for so long and I’m more of a historical tour kind of grandma). I was so inspired by the windows in this church.

I love the color combination of green and yellow with the white walls. So why not use that inspiration for the home? Here a few of my favorite green, yellow, and green/yellow things.

Turf clock by CB2. This clock is $89.95 which is expensive but it’s huge, as in 30″ huge. I hate the phrase ‘bang for your buck’ but this may be the very definition.

Spider coat rack from CB2. I love this! Maybe I should get it for my entry way? It is $99.95 which is expensive but you could totally spray paint a coat rack from a yard sale and get the same look.

Hancock clover bookcase from CB2 which is $199. I love this bookcase because of the ‘X’ supports and because it’s such a wonderful color. Again, this something totally DIY-able. It’s all about being bold with your color choices.

The End bookend from CB2 for $14.95. I have been in love with this book end for months now, but for whatever reason I just have sprung on it yet. This is a great buy because it is high impact for a low price.

Y by Alistair Frost from 20×200. This print comes in several sizes starting at $24. Such a fun happy print!

Untitled 1 by Cecily Brown from 20×200. I love this pattern.

Lovebird #6 by Luke Stephenson from 20×200. Why I am so attracted to bird prints?

Shadowscape by Michelle Marie Murphy from 20×200. This is a more geometric take on art. Wouldn’t this look lovely on a gallery wall?

Intense Jade lamp from Target. This lamp is only $19.99!

Patterned yellow pillow from Target. I’m in love with this pillow and the fact this it’s only $12.99 doesn’t hurt either.

Green circles rug by IKEA. This rug is 9’x 6′ and is only $99! It would look lovely with hardwood floors showing through.

Janette curtains by IKEA, the pair is $24.99. Such high impact curtains for a low price… which I guess is kind of obvious since that is IKEA’s M.O.

IKEA pendant lamp in yellow for $99. How cheery is this light? I think it would make even the gloomiest of people smile.

Have you been inspired by an image or place lately?

Fall always makes me want to go to school and then I have my ‘late for school/forgot an assignment’ nightmare and I’m over it. But I do love school supplies and what is office supplies if not school supplies for adults? Here are some cool office supplies that are extremely affordable and totally adorable!

Office Depot

I recently stumbled upon the See Jane Work collection at Office Depot. I’ve been a fan of See Jane Work for a few years now because their products are affordable and ingenious. Their collection at Office Depot, though limited, doesn’t disappoint.

The line has three prints: black and white stripe, black and white polka dot, and purple and pink dahlias. All the products are very inexpensive ranging from $3.99-$22.99. If you know me at all then you know I’m obsessed with the stripes!


Martha Stewart is everywhere! I recently came across her collection for Staples. This collection is sponsored by Avery, the label company. There are so many cool labels in her shop. The best thing is that the packs of labels are around $3.99!

The dry erase labels are so smart! I don’t know how many times I’ve put a label on a box or tray and then a few months later my needs change and I’m stuck with the wrong label.


I love CB2. I’ve never been to a physical store but their website and catalogs have me salivating every time. Their office supplies is modern and affordable.

How obsessed am I with that grass letter holder? Crazy obsessed! It’s adorable and only $9.95! The chalkboard and acrylic sets range from $5-$30.

Rifle Paper Co.

I love Rifle Paper Co., everything is so beautiful! And since every office needs a notepad, why not get one that is seriously charming?

These notepads are $8, not bad at all. Plus you’ll be the envy of all your coworkers.

Happy office supplies shopping!

As I shared in this post, I have a second bedroom problem. It is a junk room and I don’t have any budget to really make it look good. So for the past few days I’ve been using my brain and a lot of imagination to create a mood board and floor plan to help me make this room less of a nasty pit.

As you may or may not notice from the mood board, I own most of the things on this board which makes it less of a ‘mood/inspiration’ board and more of a ‘creative repurposing’ board. Some explanations are below and a numerical chart that is out of order (this may be the most confusing thing ever):

5) I think I finally decided on this paint color which is Anonymous by Behr. I think it is a pretty classic color and will go well with everything I already have.

10) This is my Pod Rug by CB2. It is no longer available because I bought it three years ago. I think it was about $250. It is a really well made rug but it did shed for a year (I think it has finally shed all the excess). The room is pretty much based off of this rug because it is the one thing in there that I want to keep and actually like.

6) This is the Ingo table by IKEA and it’s $69.99. It is the one thing on this mood board that I don’t already own. I would like to use it as a desk. I would like to paint it a nice shiny white.

7) I own this chair (two actually). This is the Emeco Navy chair and they are super expensive, like $750 expensive. I found two on Craigslist for $30… I’m not even joking. Best. Craigslist. Purchase. Ever.

9) This is my West Elm daybed. It is also no longer available (when it was, it sold for $229 without the mattress). I got it on Craigslist for $150 plust a brand new twin mattress. Craigslist for the win! I intend to put this on my from porch when it is eventually screened in but for now it is nice to have a bed in this room in case someone wants to spend the night.

3) This the my IKEA Linnarp bookcase. It is currently in my bedroom but I don’t like it in there anymore. When I eventually get the bookcase of my dreams for my dining room I want to move this out of my bedroom and either sell it or move into the second bedroom. It could be nice for pretty linens and office supplies.

1, 12-14) These four images are all relate to one another. The first #1 is my inspiration. I love this corner gallery. Instead of using frames though I am going to use #12 the stencil I bought this weekend (I’ll share where I bought it later this week). The two paint colors are #13 Glowing Firelight by Behr and #14 Night Watch by Behr. I definitely want to use the navy to do the stencil because it will look good against the wall color, but I’m toying with doing sections of the stencil in the orange…Either way I think having the stencil going around the corner (top right of the floor plan) will look really cool.

2, 4, 8,11) All three of these are inspiration images. The first #2, is such a cool idea. They took these large frames and put cork in them so they can be used as cool bulletin boards. I actually have two large empty frames that I want to do this to. I think it will be a pretty cheap project. I also, love the inspiration boards in #11, #8, & #4. They are like big (mostly) free art!

Floor Plan: the door on the bottom left is the door into the hallway and the other door on the top left is the closet door. The thing in between the doors is the bookcase #3. The windows are above the bed and the desk.

So that’s my inspiration! Hope you could follow all of that- I am new to the mood board world so I’ll get better. Believe it or not I spent a lot of time working on all of this and I’m pretty excited about doing this little (mostly) free makeover. I’m not sure I’ll get to it this weekend, but I hope to do parts of it over the next few weeks. Are you planning any mostly-free projects?