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Decoupage Pumpkins

November 1, 2013 — Leave a comment

Halloween is over so I suppose this post is a little tardy but oh well, pumpkins can work for Thanksgiving too right? Just say yes.

I went to a pumpkin decorating party the other day and it was adorably fun. We decoupaged strips of scrapbook paper onto pumpkins. It was just as easy as it sounds, although much messier. While we were adding the paper to the pumpkins my friend (who has known me since I was five) said, “Whenever I hear the word decoupage I think of you.” It’s true folks, as a kid I was obsessed with decoupage. I would decoupage anything I could get my fingers-covered-with-dry-glue on. Picture frames, trinket boxes, binders, if you can name it I glued weird crap to it.¬†While I’ve never decoupaged a pumpkin, the smell of glue brought back all the fun, strange memories.

IMG_0001 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_3693 *excuse the iPhone pics

This year I just didn’t get around to decorating for Halloween/fall. So it’s nice to have a few little pumpkins around to celebrate the season.

Maybe next year I’ll do a fall craft before fall is nearly over… or maybe not!

Do you guys decorate for fall or Halloween? I grew up in a house that was decorated for every season so when I first moved out on my own I felt compelled to do the same. Yesterday I made the trek down to the basement to get out my fall decorations.

Pretty lame but that’s what I’ve got. The orange mosaic candle holders are from a yard sale for a $1 each (they are originally Pottery Barn) and the glass pumpkin was a gift from my mom. It is filled with potpourri. Which is weird because potpourri is weird but it’s mini pumpkins! So I love it.

My favorite thing, obviously is the Mickey dressed as ghost candy bucket. I mean hello?! It’s adorable!

Happy Fall!