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Yep, you read that correctly. Jonathan Adler has a collection for the ubiquitous chain store J.C. Penney.  If you aren’t familiar with Jonathan Adler he’s awesome…ly expensive (also, I did a post about him a while back – here). His designs are amazing and bold and crazy and insanely expensive so when I heard that he did a collection for JCP I was super excited! Thankfully there are quite a few affordable options in his collection and a lot of seriously awesome stuff. Let’s have a look shall we?

This cheery kitchen set is $8, $12, and $18 respectively. Not cheap, but not outrageous either. I love all the patterns and there is also a pink and orange set.
It’s no secret that I love books and since book ends are like book accessories I’m always looking for a new set. I love love love these apple bookends. Adorable. And for $38 they aren’t outrageous (especially considering similar bookends from Jonathan Adler’s collection are $195).
Sweet cherry picture frame for only $15.
This classic Greek key patterned picture frame is very cool for only $15.
This lamp is only about a foot high and costs $28 but it is seriously adorable. I love the color of the shade.
Owl lamps are everywhere but I’d bet that Jonathan Adler was the first to design one (he’s famous for figurines and statues). This little gem is about 20″ tall and costs $35.
I don’t know if anyone really needs a huge serving bowl. I think I have a few that I use like once a year, but if you don’t buy useless kitchen stuff what will fill all those cabinets you have? Plus, this is beautiful and for $35 it would be a lovely gift for a friend.
I love love this acrylic tray. The pattern is so happy. Trays are one of those weird decorating things that you don’t really need but you can always find a place for. And it’s only $25!

I know it’s girly but I love throw pillows. Any time I am sitting on a couch or chair I have to have a pillow on my lap. I’m not sure why but it’s comforting. Since I need to have one anyway why not make them super beautiful like this cheery flower pillow for $32.

Or this bold ‘X’ pillow for $35.
So what do you guys think? Are you a fan? I am so excited that all these designers are doing affordable versions of their collections.
Maybe some day I’ll be able to afford a ‘real’ piece of Jonathan Adler’s work, but until then I am happy to get the ‘cheap’ version.

Inspired by Jonathan Adler

October 19, 2012 — 1 Comment

I’ve been such a good girl lately because I’ve been going to the library instead of buying books like I usually do (more on my book problem here). Last time I was at the library I checked out several interior design books. The best one I’ve read so far is Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Accessorizing.

It’s interesting to read actual design books because my brain is so ‘internet’… the whole time I was looking through this book I kept thinking “I want to pin this!” instead of just enjoying it for what it is. The internet has made me not trust my brain to remember things. I’m afraid if I don’t pin or bookmark something the information will literally be lost and I will never find it again. I know this isn’t true, but because I am an internet baby I had to do something before I returned it to the library so I took pictures of my favorite pages (somehow this feels like plagiarism, but I don’t think it actually is).

I loved these 10 tips on how to style a bookcase. I have so many books that I just try and cram as many as possible on my shelves instead of actually ‘styling’ them. Since you probably can’t read what this says, here are the main points:

1) Vertical vs. horizontal book stacks
2) Balance – two like items at different heights
3) Seize a tchotchke moment
4) Intersperse art
5) Small groupings – instead of a whole shelf of books use only few on one shelf
6) Crowning – use the top shelf to display large objects
7) Disrespect the shelf – let things hang over the edge
8) Hidden artwork – layer artwork with books and objects
9) An airy collection – resist the urge to overfill every shelf
10) Single stack

How to style a credenza:

– Gather all the things you available to use
– Play around with it all, it doesn’t have to all be used so try something and if it doesn’t work move it around or don’t use it at all.
– For this vignette, Adler used white and shades of blue accessories and then added in yellow flowers to give the eye something to focus on.
– He uses books, coasters, and little boxes to lift small vases and tchotchkes to give them height.
– In the last image you can see how he does two very different designs the one on the left is very layered and the one right is more balanced and minimalistic… same accessories, very different look.

I took a picture of this dining room not because I love (though it is beautiful, of course) but because of what he said about it. He says that this dining room table is in a very fancy flat owned by people who rarely host parties so for most of the year this table sits empty and unused. He decided that instead of leaving the table top blank he would use it to stack books on it to give it a faux library/book shop look. I love it! I actually use my dining room table (as I mentioned here), but maybe some day I’ll need to do this.

This kitchen is perfection. All white and pale grey fixtures with accents in bright green and yellow… I think everyone would be happy with this kitchen.

Have you looked at any interior design books lately? Please tell me I’m not the only one that mental ‘pins’ everything!

Boutique Shopping on a Budget

September 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

Sometimes I have this fantasy that I live in Manhattan and on the weekends I go shopping at all the amazing boutiques in SoHo and Nolita. But then I wake up and remember that it’s half off day at Goodwill and I rush out the door.

The reality is I live in Indiana and I don’t make 500k a year so I have to improvise. Here are some ways that I try to get the boutique experience for less.

1) TARGET. This should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, Target is like the best store in the world. I’m a huge fan of their designer collections that come through. I still remember when Isaac Mizrahi was the first collection they had. I was 17 and it changed my life 🙂 Two years ago when they had Liberty I was in heaven and I really enjoyed Missoni last fall. The newest incarnation of the designer series there is call The Shoppes at Target (so boutiquey). Just yesterday several new “shoppes” opened up at Target. The Curiosity Shoppe is one of the shoppes that just opened up. I love this store, it’s so quirky and it’s a great place to buy gifts. I went yesterday to get the thing that I have always needed and didn’t know it:


A cutting board shaped like the United States! You didn’t know you needed that either did you? It’s amazing. The shoppe (I feel like a tool spelling it like that) also has other cute stuff:

Arrow salad tongs! Cute tea towels! So much to get excited about!

One of the other shops that opened is Patch NYC. Here is a peak at their collection:


If any of this interests you, you had better hurry this stuff usually doesn’t last long!

2) Designers for specific products. That is a very ambiguous sentence but what I mean is when designers design a line of a specific product… uh, still doesn’t make sense. Okay, let me give an example. There is a designer named Orla Kiely that does very beautiful prints and recently she collaborated with Method hand soap.


You may not be able to afford a $28 Orla Kiely tea towel, but you can have one of her beautiful patterns in your home via a $2.99 hand soap. There is actually a $1 off coupon for Method at Target right now so I got mine for $1.99!

Another great example of this is when Jonathan Adler did a collection for Cottonelle. I love Jonathan Adler but there is no way I can afford anything he does so I got one of these (yes it’s totally random) toilet paper covers he designed. I got mine for free because there was a limited time offer a few months ago.


3) Shop local. I always just assume I can’t afford to shop at little cute stores, but when I do visit them I am often surprised at how reasonable their prices are. The bonus being that you are supporting the local economy. There are several cute shops in my neighborhood and in downtown Indy that I should go to more often. A good source to find these shops in your town is a local paper or if you search ‘local shopping (name of city)’ you will come up with all kinds of sources for finding cool stores nearby.


One of the things I hope to accomplish here on this blog is to bring information to you all. Yes, I just gave you a lot of information but it’s a little late (the shoppes opened yesterday, Adler’s collection is no longer in circulation) so my goal for the future is to bring this information to you a little sooner.