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My TV is a Diva

September 27, 2013 — 3 Comments

My TV is way too cool to be sitting on a dresser, or so it’s been telling me for the last year. I’m like, TV be cool, there is no need for you to be hanging up on a wall. But I got tired of it’s whining so I finally gave in. Last Christmas I asked for a TV mount and I got one. But then it sat next to the TV in it’s box for 10 months, whomp whomp.

One of my goals before the home tour (mentioned here) was to get that dang TV hung. I don’t really care about TVs hanging or not. I mean, it kind of seems like a guy thing to want the TV hung on the wall, but I had specific reasons for wanting it up off of the dresser.

1) I moved the TV and dresser from the right wall to the left after about 9 months of living here.

I love this set up so much better for many reasons, but the only set back is that in order to see the TV from both couches the TV always has to be at an angle. I’m juuuuust OCD enough that the TV being at an angle drives me insane. For the last year I’ve been moving it to angle when I’m watching it and then moving it back to a right angle when I’m not watching it. Yeah, I’m weird.

2) As seen above, the TV is resting rather precariously on the DVD player. Every time I moved the TV (which was often, as discussed in #1), the DVD player creaked and groaned and I saw angry dollar signs coming at me so I really wanted to get the TV off of the DVD player as soon as possible.

3) It is a generally known fact that I am running out of wall space so I’ve been eyeing that blank wall behind the TV for like a year now. So many options! With the TV hung up I could do one of those fancy gallery walls where the TV is incorporated. Or maybe not, I’m about one vintage advertisement away from my house becoming a TGIFridays :/

With so many reasons to hang the TV and the fact that I already owned the wall mount made it a priority before the home tour, except for the fact that I couldn’t hang it on my own. My hand is still really weak, oh speaking of my hand, have I showed you my scar yet?

My eyes are not actually as lopsided as they appear in this photo.
It is a combination of a shadow and heterochromia.
But my hand is really that pale.

Pretty gnarly, huh? I actually kind of like it! It’s very Harry Potter-ish.

Anyway, with that plus the fact that I’m pretty sure hanging a TV is a two person job I asked my brother and dad to come over help me. I’m so glad I did! Since I have plaster walls there was an added layer of difficulty, but they did a great job!

It not only looks better but now it functions much better. Photos as proof:
Flat against the wall.
Angled, view from first couch.
Angled, view from second couch.
Angled, side view.
Flat, side view.
Flat, view from entry.
Now I have this big beautiful blank wall just asking to be covered in art and photos! Or should I leave it blank? I feel torn. In some ways my house is getting overdecorated, but also I don’t care and I want to just be myself and I think I may be an overdecorated sort of person. Or maybe I’m a minimalist with a hoarding problem? So many questions!

In all of the above photos I hadn’t put the DVD player back yet, but here is what it looks like now:

Next on the to-do list is to get one of those paintable cord covers (like this) to help make the cords blend in better. I’m loving this new set up though. Now I can move the TV back and forth all day long!

Sometimes I just change things.

I love the piece of art I had over the dresser for the past few months. It was the first piece of art I ever bought. I was 22 and it cost $84 (which is a LOT of money to a college student). My friend created the print and I have loved having it in all my different homes for the past four plus years. But now that the walls are such a dark blue it didn’t really look so good. I switched it out for my Scratch Map. I love this map. Well, I love maps in general, but this map is special because you scratch off where you’ve been. Brilliant! It reminds me of a map that my Grandpa had where he put pins in all the places he had visited. Unfortunately, all the countries I’ve been to are small in size so my map looks relatively untouched. Oh well, I still have lots of traveling years before me!

It’s easy to get in a rut with things in our homes. Whenever I move into a place I immediately put pictures on the walls and place furniture in an arrangement. A few months go by and I realize I am comfortable with the way things are because that is how I put them at the start, not because it is the best arrangement. That is how it was with the print in my bedroom. As soon as I got the campaign chest I put the picture over it and it was like ‘end of story’ that is where that picture belongs. But then the other night I’m laying in bed and thinking “That picture would look so much better elsewhere.” And so I got up and changed it. Maybe you don’t have art lying around in spare bedrooms like me, but sometimes it just involves switching pieces out. I had a similar situation in my living room a few months ago.

When I moved in I had the Union Jack dresser and TV on one wall and then a few months ago I realized that that may not be the best place for them. Sometimes I try and imagine the room being empty and then mentally placing furniture where I think it would look good. I was doing this in my living room when I realized that moving the dresser/TV to the next wall would make all the difference. I love it so much more on the wall it is on now. It takes a lot of initiative to rearrange furniture because you might hate it and then have to move it all back which is annoying. BUT if it works out then it is totally worth it! So maybe if you’re not happy with a room a little rearranging could be all it needs… you never know until you try 🙂

Happy rearranging!

Finding cool stuff doesn’t have to take a lot of work. I browse Craigslist daily for about five minutes… not a big time commitment considering all the money I’ve saved by buying things on there. I also love to go to antique stores, thrift shops, garage sales, etc. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

When I bought my house it was filled with cheap builder’s grade lighting. I found this amazing 1970s chandelier on Craigslist for $50… I’m so in love with it!

This little elephant planter was sitting on top of a tall bookshelf in an antiques store and I am so happy I spotted it. It was marked at $15 and I asked to pay $10 and she accepted. I planted aloe vera in it.

I found this amazing Union Jack dresser on Craigslist. Sometimes dealers who have booths at antique shops will list their stuff on Craigslist and this was one of those. I negotiated the price with the designer and I got it for $300. I’m not super proud of that… it is definitely more than I normally pay for things, but I was so in love with it I just really really had to have it. It is now the focal point of my living room and I’m happy I splurged.

This is a Kohler medicine cabinet that retails for $249. It was listed on Craigslist for $115, and I negotiated it down to $100. I haven’t installed it yet, but I am so happy that I jumped on it. I’m using oil rubbed bronze fixtures in my bathroom so I’m toying with using ORB spray paint on this mirror, but I haven’t made a decision yet.

This lamp was purchased a Salvation Army for $10. It was originally a cream color and the flowers were sort of off white. It had no lamp shade so I bought a red one at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 and spray painted the lamp bright glossy white. I’m pretty happy with my $30 lamp.

I found these ceramic bowls at an antiques shop and I was afraid to look at the price tag because I loved them so much… but I was seriously surprised when I saw they were only $15! I mean honestly they are amazing and they look like $200 Kate Spade china.

These chairs were one of the first things I purchase on Craigslist when I moved back to Indianapolis. I’m not even sure why I got them but I just really loved them and they were only $30 for the pair! They are made of real wood and metal and they are actually pretty heavy. They are perfect chairs to have around for extra seating.

I’m really loving the idea of painting fabric furniture (see my Pinterest for DIY tutorials)… I bought these wingback chairs on Craiglist for my living room with the idea that I may paint them. I haven’t done anything yet and they actually don’t look that bad as is, but I may paint them someday. I paid $100 for the pair. I was going to negotiate down to $80 or $90 but I lost my nerve when I got to the lady’s house. My advice, at least for myself, is to always negotiate first over email, phone, or text before going to pick up the furniture. Once you are in a person’s home it is hard to hard bargain.

Those are just a few of the many things I have collected over the past couple of years. Happy hunting!