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Hello friends! Though I haven’t been posting as much lately I promise I’ve been busy behind the scenes. I got a new job (!) and I’m adjusting to my new schedule, but I’ve got lots of projects in the works.

First up, I’d like to introduce a new series which I’m calling (for lack of a better title) the Use What You’ve Got Series. It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’ll be going to different people’s house and helping them with a specific project using what they have on hand to help them create a look they love!

So many times when I’m unsatisfied with how a wall or table is decorated and styled I get stuck in that spiral of ‘if only had this or that I would like it. Or if I only had more money to spend on this or that I would be happy with how it looks.’ But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Chances are you have a lot of great things in your house that just need to be moved to the right place or grouped differently to get the look you want (or at least tide you over until you can afford what you want).

First up is my friend Kristen’s mantle. Kristen and I grew up together and we reconnected when her and her mom, Kim, came to the Irvington Home Tour. It seriously made my day to see them there and we decided to get together soon. Cut to me coming over to Kristen’s house and helping her style her mantle.

We started with this blank slate:


After trying about three other pieces (a piece of art, a mirror, a screen), we landed on this arrangement:


Normally for a mantle I prefer to use one large piece of art or a mirror but this series is all about using what you’ve got and I really the use of two pieces here. We combined a canvas print from her wedding and a cool window pane from an auction (which she plans on painting words on).

Then we added accessories. I would ask for something tall or books or something with color and her and her mom would scurry around the house to find stuff. It’s amazing what most people have hidden in other rooms and in boxes. The middle of any project looks crazy like this:


But the end result is worth it!


I Photoshopped (yeah, I got Photoshop NBD – actually just kidding, it’s a huge deal and I’m in love) over the window (poorly, I am aware, I just got the program, I’m learning) to show what it could/will look like when she paints words on the window pane.


My favorite part of this series is that it can give life to items that have been hiding in your spare room or basement.


That brown jar is from Kristen’s trip to Romania and it means a lot to her that it is now out and visible on the mantle.


The blue Mason jars are from her wedding.


And the shamrock plaque celebrates her Irish ancestry.

So there you have it, a meaningful and “free”update to a super awesome house (seriously, her and her husband have done an amazing job on their house!).

Do you want to a part of this series? If you want me to come to your house and help you style a specific area of your home here is the criteria:

– You live in the greater Indianapolis area

– You have a specific area in mind that you want help with and you are willing to act on the project while I’m there (for example, if you want me to help you lay out a gallery wall, you’ll need a hammer and nails because we’re hanging them up that day!).

– You have to be willing to let me photograph our project for use on this here blog 🙂 I’ve decided to do this series as a free service because I love doing this sort of stuff and it gives me content for my blog. It’s a win-win!

– I won’t be able to get to everyone but I’d like to do one a month so if you are interested and you fit the criteria fill out the Contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling! Get excited!