Christmas Tree Skirt Alternatives

December 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

As I mentioned here, I got a Christmas tree and I managed to scrounge up enough ornaments to make it look relatively decorated. Side note: there are about 10 ‘real’ ornaments on there, the rest I either made, or are gift tags that I used as faux ornaments. I was all proud of myself when I got done but then a saw this:

Yep, no tree skirt. Can we talk about how stupid tree skirts are? First of all, the name. A skirt? Lame. Also, they are either cheap & ugly or awesome & expensive. So I decided that this is going to my new issue, I am going to be that girl that rants about how stupid tree skirts are… and then I took a deep breath and realize that the one thing dumber than tree skirts is ranting about tree skirts. All that to say, I decided to get a tree skirt without supporting the tree skirt industry. I used this antique blanket I got for $15 at an antique shop in the sticks (antique shops in the middle of nowhere are way cheaper than city antique shops).
This blanket does the job of a real ‘tree skirt’ just as well as a store bought one. You could also use a sheet, a sheepskin, a small rug, spare fabric, a feather boa, a fur coat, a tablecloth … the options are endless.

Do you also feel the need to rant about useless subjects? I have to constantly check myself from getting riled up about silly issues.


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