Closet Makeover, Part 1

June 23, 2014 — 1 Comment

I have a great closet. I’m sure a lot of people have great closets, but the percentage of people who have great closets and live in a home built in the 1920s is a pretty small number. Amazingly, despite the time period of my house, I have this randomly huge walk-in closet. It even has a huge window in it. But sadly, this is what is looks like most of the time:

P1130305 P1130307 P1130309 P1130313 P1130319 P1130317

Um, I’m disgusting obviously. I mean really, it’s gross. The closet functions as a place for my dog to sleep, my dirty laundry to go, my clothes and shoes to live, gift wrapping storage, excess decorations storage, and that doesn’t even include all the random storage up on the shelves.

I knew it needed to be cleaned out but, I also knew a fresh coat of paint was in order, so I put off the cleaning until I had the time/energy to paint as well. Two years later… I finally got around to it.

Let’s be honest, it totally sucked. First there was the emptying of the closet, then cleaning of the closet (can’t paint dusty shelves), then painting (coats upon coats upon coats), then the restocking of the closet. It was a whole weekend-long ordeal, but the final product is pretty legit so in the end it was actually worth it.

P1130599 P1130601 P1130602

If you couldn’t see beyond all the crap, this is what I was working with once the closet was emptied. There were a few blemishes on the walls themselves, but the real weirdness is all the shelves. There is a piece of trim 2/3 of the way up on two walls and three wooden shelves, all of which are in different stages of stain, paint, and plain.

I did two coats of primer on all the wood shelves and then two coats of white paint on the shelves and walls. It was brutal, but you know, isn’t all painting? I also rubbed on some left over stain from my threshold project to the clothes bar.

P1130625 P1130627 P1130630

Such an improvement!

The rest of the makeover is pretty great too, I’m still all swoony about it. I’ll post it on Friday!


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