Confession: I’m an over-decorator

December 10, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hello, my name is Jasmin and I’m an over-decorator.

This is not only my first house but it is also the first place I’ve lived where I get to make all the decorating decisions. That means I’ve learned a lot of about myself while decorating. Hence, my confession. It’s true, I struggle with over-decorating. Tell me I’m not alone!

So what do I mean by over-decorating? Well, I live in a small house and I have a lot of ideas and I love to go vintage shopping and all of that means that I just get a little too excited about everything. I’m in love with 10 wall colors but I only have 6 rooms, I have lots of ideas about gallery walls and no more available blank walls, I love buying ceramics and old books and yet every single surface of my house is covered. That, is over decorating.

The first step to conquering any problem is to admit it so step one accomplished. On to step two which is un-decorate. So there are going to be some changes around here. The first stop? The dining room.

Jasmin-+0053-2772007735-O P1120899 (This is a very poor picture, but it is an actually lovely light grey and not pale green like it reads here.)

As you saw last week, I just repainted my dining room. You also may have noticed, that while I put back the postcard wall and the old windows, I did not put back all of the frames in the gallery walls. My reason? Undecorating! I’m so proud of myself! Although, in all honesty I didn’t get rid of the frames or anything, I just put them in the closet so undecorating hasn’t really helped my decorations hoarding, but huh, another problem for another day. I do have plans for that wall but it will be something more streamlined and less eclectic than my normal style.

Not that I want to totally loose myself. This is my house after all. But, I’m always looking for ways to improve my ‘craft’ as it were.

So my goals for undecorating are as follows:

1) remove gallery wall in the dining room

2) repaint the dining room so it’s less of a bold, competing color

3) Declutter the “table” behind my couch

4) Clear the books out of my bedroom

5) Declutter the campaign dresser in my bedroom

Of course I’ll update you on my progress, and the inevitable regression.

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I'm a single female homeowner who loves all things interior decorating. Especially if it involves thrifting.

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