Cords, Cords, Cords

March 26, 2014 — 7 Comments

It’s 2014, and while a lot of things are wireless, that doesn’t always mean wire-less. For example, my wireless router has not one but two wires, wha??

Anyway, I have cord problems. They are everywhere. This has been an issue since the day I moved in, but it’s been over two years and they are still just hanging around unfettered.

Let’s take a visual tour of all of my cords, shall we?

Jasmin-+0020-2771956475-O P1130432

TVs inherently have a lot of cords, but there has got to be a better way to keep them right? I need to get a paintable cord cover for the cords that show between the TV and the dresser. But it’s the cords on the floor that I’m at a loss on how to control. In the pictures above the cords are for the TV, DVD player, and three lamps on two different power strips. My best thought is to duct tape them all to the back of the dresser, but then aren’t the cords just going to be all draped up to the back of the dresser? If anyone has a better idea, I’d be happy to hear it!

Jasmin-+0028-2771967481-O photo

Behind this vintage side table is a cord nightmare (I’m pretty sure I hid them for the first picture). The problem with old homes is they often have either not enough outlets, outlets in weird places, and/or only two prong outlets. My living room is riddled with all three. In this area of the room there is only one outlet, it’s two prong, and it’s behind a couch. So I have to use a two prong extension cord that has three prong outlets. The other issue in this living room is that there is no overhead light so I have six lamps in here. That’s a lot of cords. Here’s my issue with this area, cords don’t just willingly lie against the baseboard. They are curvy. So my only option would be to tape or staple them against the baseboards which isn’t appealing to me.

P1130428 P1130429

In the other area of my living room, I’ve attempted to mask some of the cords. I wrapped a file box in fabric and set it on top of a power strip and the router. But it barely does it’s job since the phone line is on the way. Remember house phones? This house has two wall jacks. It’s so weird to me. I haven’t had a house phone, well, since I lived with my parents I guess. I need to either paint that green phone cord the color of the wall or get another cord cover. I’m also thinking that once my sofa table is built I can shove the router and power strip under the table (that wouldn’t work right now because the table is tubs).

So there are most of my cord problems. I have cord problems in other rooms, but the living room is the worst. If you have any tips for me I’d be very grateful!

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