DIY: Christmas Paper Wrapped Front Door

December 12, 2012 — 9 Comments

Last night I did a sort of juvenile thing. I wrapped my front door with Christmas wrapping paper. Yes, it is a bit of dorm room look but I’m all about low cost decorating around here. Christmas paper wrapped front door
I chose plaid wrapping paper and I’m very happy with how it looks. Is it wrinkly? Yes. Does it looks a little childish? Yes. But I’m okay with that. I can’t afford a fancy Christmas wreath and I’m waaaaay to impatient to hang Christmas lights (plus I have no electrical outlets on the outside of my house) so this was a low cost way for me to bring a little Christmas cheer to my front porch. I timed the project and it took me just over 30 minutes and cost me around $3 for a roll of wrapping paper (which I still have half of so technically I only used about $1.50 of the roll).
 Bob was thoroughly convinced this was the day I was just going to let him free into the world to explore and sniff to his heart’s content. Not today Bob.

I started by putting tape rolls all over the door.

The bottom piece was easy but since I have this little half round window I had to get a little more measure-y. Turns out the paper was thin enough that if I pressed down with my fingernail I got a line that I could cut. Easy! Christmas paper wrapped front door I’m very happy with this project considering it only took 30 minutes and a $1.50… what do you think? Too dorm room-y or is it just retro enough to be cool?

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9 responses to DIY: Christmas Paper Wrapped Front Door

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