Harp Here, Harp There

May 14, 2014 — 1 Comment

Have I ever told you about my harp? You know, this one?


The harp is very old, like 1800s old. My Grandfather owned it and he gave it to me right before he died. He was a hoarder collector and I like having this as a reminder of him. It needs a lot of work though. The number one comment I get about the harp is, “Hey, your harp is missing the strings!” Yes, I’m aware, thank you. I suppose I could have it strung up but there is no way this harp will ever be able to play music because of all the other damage too it. So I mostly think of it as a sculptural piece. Anyway, the point of all this is that I moved it.

I liked it next to the TV/chairs, but I’m in a very change-it-up mood lately. Stuffs gettin’ shifted around here. So last weekend at like 1:00 am on Saturday (when I do my best work, naturally) I picked this sucker up and moved it to my dining room.

P1130526 P1130527

I moved it in here for a few reasons. 1) The corner it’s in now is total dead space. There is a huge, like 2’x3′ ft huge, air return there and nothing heavy can go on it. Harps, surprisingly, aren’t that heavy (well, at least this one isn’t). 2) I have a corners problem. Corners are everywhere (you’re welcome for that very obvious bit of wisdom), and I have no idea what to do with several of mine. The harp worked in the living room corner but I think it’s better here.

P1130529P1130534 P1130536

As you can see from the photo above view, the harp doesn’t interfere with the walking path, but still makes the corner interesting. The good news is my dining room is now finally coming together. I actually like the direction it’s going in, yay! Here’s other views of it for a refresher.

P1130251 P1130435 P1120901

You may notice the wall color looks sometimes blue, green, or grey. It’s a very nice light grey, I’m just a terrible photographer.

As for the now empty living room corner? Ah, well, I’ll leave that for another post. But I’ve got plans!


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