Haute Blog Indy , or How My Blog Grew Up

October 12, 2013 — 16 Comments

Hello and welcome to my newly redesigned blog!

Way back in June I gave you all an update on my blog plans (here) which included attending the Haute Blog workshop. Well that day finally arrived! A week ago, several other bloggers and myself spent an amazing day making our blogs look and perform more professionally. It was such a fun experience and I learned so much! I’m so grateful to the Haute Blog girls, Allie and Erika for putting on such a great workshop!

Visually my blog hasn’t changed too drastically, but I love it so much more now. Most of the changes we made are on the back end including the big move to WordPress, a new domain (I dropped the ‘my’), new plug-ins, and a lot of other things that are hard to explain (mostly because I don’t understand them well enough to explain them ha).

I hope you enjoy the new look! Take a moment to look around. All the tabs work except for the links within the ‘Home Tour’ tab. Why don’t they work? It all goes back to the special project that I’ve been hinting at for a few weeks, which is that I hired an very old friend to come over before the Irvington Home Tour to take professional photographs of my house. I have a decent camera but my photography skills are amateur at best, so since I had my house all shiny and clean for the home tour I knew I had to take advantage of it. Enter Ashley a. Photography. Ashley and I went to elementary school together for two years and then reconnected when we went to the same high school. Then a few months ago we ran into each other at an art show. Apparently, the third time was a charm for us and we decided to try and work together some time. Even though Ashley normally does weddings she was game to photograph my house. The photos turned about amazing! So for the next few days I’ll be showcasing her photographs by room in my house and as I post them I’ll update the links in the ‘Home Tour’ tab.

Exciting times around here! I’m sure there will be glitches so be patient. If there is a glaring issues please let me know and I’ll Google how to fix it haha. Also, older posts may look a little strange and/or old links won’t work, but I’m going to go back through them systematically and fix old issues.

See you back here tomorrow!

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I'm a single female homeowner who loves all things interior decorating. Especially if it involves thrifting.

16 responses to Haute Blog Indy , or How My Blog Grew Up

  1. LOVE the new blog design and am so excited for you as you take this space to the next level!!! Congratulations on an exciting day 🙂

  2. It looks amazing! And your new pic is gorgeous, too!

    • Thanks so much Nikki!

      • Good points about Cuba. Recent data on happiness has bolstered the notion that peace of mind isn’t based on wealth, but rather relative wealth. So if rich tourists poured into the country, it would make the Cubans miserable knowing how bad their lot was in coianrmsop. With fewer tourists, they only have other poor people to compare too, which makes for a safer frame of reference.

      • I went to see this last time I was in London. It's well worth a visit. You need plenty of time; I was in there about an hour and a quarter and I didn't see all the things Sue mentions. There are lots of children's books.

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      • Possible the most comprehensive, accurate, well-balanced, assessment of the state of the club I have read. Ever. This piece should be distributed to all gooners, as its very very true. Can you imagine Henry having to look the players in the eye at training today? Disgraceful.

      • Perhaps LiveMocha is taking advantage of Rosetta Stone’s slow move to the internet and access from anywhere, leaving the bar very low. I found that very frustrating. After all, I get a lot more time to do the exercises on the road than I do at home. They would keep me as a paying customer if I could get their high quality programs on the road. @comradity

  3. Love the new Blog design and pictures of the home! Looks FANTASTIC

  4. If Kristen didn’t tell you… I recently read How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) I think you would enjoy it! http://www.vanillaandvelvet.com/2013/bitsandpieces/want-love-do-wear-read-october/

    • Thanks so much Gina!!! Kristen did mention that you read a blogging book but she couldn’t remember the title so thanks for letting me know which one you read – I’ll have to get it! I definitely want to keep my soul haha.

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