How I Painted IKEA Ritva Curtains

January 6, 2015 — 1 Comment

It’s been a while since I’ve painted something, and since I clearly have a painting problem, it was time for me to get out my paint again. A few months back when I went to IKEA I picked up a curtain rod and two Ritva curtain panels. In true IKEA fashion, these “white” curtains are actually quite off-white, but this actually worked in my favor for this particular project.

See I decided to add curtains to the window/wall in my entryway. Back when I moved in, I painted a stripe on the wall in loo of actually painting the whole entry. It was just a temporary solution until I could decide on a color I liked, but I ended up loving the stripe.


Which is a blessing and a curse considering the rest of the walls are sort of off-white and not that exciting. I’ve considered painting the walls and just repainting the stripe, but eh, not interested. All this to say… the off white curtains perfectly match the off white walls! Yay!

P1130792  P1130795 P1130796

Pretty crap pictures, but you get the gist. Pretty standard curtains, nothing exciting. But of course, my plan wasn’t to leave them this way (although it took me like four months to actually do anything about my plans).

My plan all along has been to paint a design on the curtains. I considered all kinds of designs. Stripes, polka dots, Dalmatian spots, but I finally settled on swiss crosses. Sure swiss crosses are currently very trendy, but I’m okay with that. I like them. I’m not worried about something being too trendy.

I used the same fabric medium I used for my painted fabric ottoman mixed with the black paint (Ace Hardware, Cannonball) from my kitchen.

Thankfully it is gift wrapping season around here so I taped gift wrap to the table as a buffer for the paint. It worked perfectly! Of course, per Jasmin-style I started to measure and create a template, but eh, I’m not much for patience. So I just freehanded the crosses. I did borrow two yardsticks from my Grandma (grandmas are the keepers of yardsticks after all) which helped give me at least a general idea of if my lines were straight so I think that helped, otherwise I could have easily gotten off course.

IMG_6619  IMG_6621     IMG_6626

I actually didn’t take long at all! Maybe two hours? Tops. It of course helped that I didn’t measure each and every line. I would say the crosses were around 4.5″ each way and I did a staggered row of 12 between two rows across the width of the panel.

P1130913P1130887P1130878   P1130881       P1130891 P1130892   P1130895      P1130902 P1130903   P1130906    P1130911 P1130912 P1130913

And there it is! I really really like them! Of course, I hoped I would, but you never know with DIY projects. I’m also genuinely surprised my lines are straight, I mean, that never happens. Yay, for project success!


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  1. Love the curtains! They sure do pack a punch!

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