I’m going to paint… again

December 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

Guys, I’m so tired of painting, but I’m at it again. I’ve painted every room in this house at least once (minus the ‘hallway’ which is really just doors and I only did a stripe in the entry), but now that I’ve lived here for almost two years I’m at the point where I’m reassessing the decisions I’ve made. One thing that’s been bugging me for a while is the color of the dining room. I loved the dark peacock green for a long time, but after two years and a lot of other decisions it just doesn’t fit anymore. But this time I decided against doing it the ‘Jasmin Way’, which would be to just go the store and pick the first color I like and paint the room within 24 hours of deciding I wanted to paint. This time I took TWO WHOLE WEEKS to make the color decision. I know, the mind reels that I, the most impatient person in the world, could wait two whole weeks to make a decision that could have easily been made in two minutes, but it’s the truth.

I actually even followed my own advice and went to the store and got a bunch of paint samples and hung them on my wall. Then I just let them be for two weeks while I pondered.

P1120657 P1120660 Of the two horizontal colors the one on the left is the living room color and the one on the right is the color of the stripe in the entry and the color of the second bedroom, I put them up there for reference. But mostly because I hate the color of the second bedroom so I wanted to make sure I picked a grey that wasn’t the same tone as that color.

The first couple of days my mind changed several times. The colors looked different during the day and at night, but eventually a favorite stuck out. But I’m a new woman who takes her time making “big” decisions so I even took that paint chip around and held it up to elements in the room that would stay.

P1120665 P1120671 But the question you may be asking is, why go with such a light color? I don’t really care too much about the flow of my house’s paint colors. I mean, my house is tiiiiny and you can basically turn around in a circle and see every room, but I still don’t really think your whole house has to “match”. That is until I noticed that my three main rooms were very dark colors. This is a horrible rendering of my floor plan but I think it may help make my point a little bit.

cropgreendining copy

cropgreydining copy Yeah, I said it was horrible. But it’s a visual, don’t complain. My decorating style is loud and crazy so I think it works well for me to have at least a few rooms that are a more neutral color. Plus, I’ve been thinking it would nice to add color in my hallway and/or the bathroom (maybe even on the ceiling!). So, I think having a more neutral, light colored dining room will give my house a more open feeling and be a good buffer between the dark grey living room and the black kitchen.

And that is how I grew up and became a more patient woman.


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