Little Gold Plant Stands

October 9, 2014 — 1 Comment

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I have an end table problem. Since my living room is such an interesting shape and I have a lot of seating, I naturally need more table space to make it function properly.

Sooo I actually added two more end tables. Yeah, I know, who needs five end tables? Apparently me. Although, I don’t technically have five end tables, I do have five table surfaces (sofa table I built, bar cart, CB2 laptop desk, and the two new end tables which I’m about to get to).

I should clarify, these two end tables aren’t “new”. They are actually two tables I’ve had for a very long time. In fact, besides the dresser I refinished that lives in the guest room, these are the only other pieces of furniture I’ve kept since high school. I had the decorating bug even back then because I can clearly remember driving down a busy road, seeing a yard sale across the road, spotting these tables, and making an abrupt u-turn to go get them. At the time they were silver, and I spray painted them black (remember how black used to be so in? I wanted all my furniture to be black, now I only want white!).

In this house these tables have floated between the front porch and the guest room.

Jasmin-+0005-2771940662-O Jasmin-+0006-2771940133-O

I love the art deco-y vibe of them, but they aren’t great end tables because they are too short. So I’ve struggled to find a true place for them. Then… I got lazy (shocker!).


I started using these little tables as my own personal spray paint station during the winter when it was too cold and snowy to spray paint in the yard. Besides being a generally bad idea to spray paint on a covered porch, it also ruined the tables.

P1130735 P1130736 P1130737 P1130738

Gotta love when lazy-you of the past creates more work for present-you. Oh well. I was recently inspired to make these little tables into plant stands so cleaning them up became a priority. My first step was to clean off the glass, and all I needed was a $1 paint scraper. While it was messy work, it was easy and sort of cathartic to clean all the paint off.


Next, I decided they should be gold because gold is awesome. I usually use Rustoleum Metallic spray paint but the store didn’t have this brand, so I decided to take a risk and use a different brand, Krylon Metallic.


The finished product is amazing!

P1130832 P1130833 P1130834 P1130835 P1130836 P1130837

I love these little tables even more now! There isn’t a pulled-out shot of these because I also did another change in this area which I will reveal in another post soon.

Oh, and a note about the spray paint brand change – I LOVE the Krylon Metallic spray paint! It has a really nice matte finish which I appreciate. I did another project with this spray paint and it’s easier to see the finish on that project so I’ll wait and do a further analysis of it then.

I love that these little tables have gotten a new lease on life 12 years after I found them!

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