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June 15, 2015 — 4 Comments

Well, hello blog. It’s been a long time.

While this blog may have been dormant, I certainly have not been. I’ve done a few projects around my house and hopefully I’ll catch a second wind one of these days and write about them, but for now here’s a project I did outside of my house.

The company I work for recently moved to a new building and I now have my very own office. I have a door! And windows! And a super random fireplace! As you can imagine, getting my own office is a big deal, not just because I got my own office, but because I got to decorate it as well. Considering I have this blog, you can imagine how exciting it is for me to have a new space to decorate.

Here’s my office pre-makeover. Well, technically I did already have some influence on the space prior to these photos. The owner was repainting anyway so I was able to choose the paint color, it’s Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray. It’s a great dark gray (grey???).

IMG_7124_1024 IMG_7126_1024Why yes that is a random fireplace in my office. This office was at one point an apartment so I got what, I can only assume, used to be the living room. IMG_7129_1024Here she is post me getting my grimy hands on it:thumb_IMG_8205_1024Anyone else weirdly obsessed with taking pano photos on iPhone? They are so weird and useless and also look sort of distorted, but I still take them because sometimes you just can’t get the whole scene in a frame.thumb_IMG_8199_1024I love the free ‘Dress Your Tech’ wallpapers from Design Love Fest, I highly recommend checking them out.thumb_IMG_8189_1024The desk and rug are World Market. The desk is probably too small for an office desk, but I couldn’t handle the idea of having a big boring (albeit super functional) desk. Of course, lots of cords because, you know, it’s a functioning workspace.thumb_IMG_8058_1024The painting is from an auction and I’m obsessed with it. Soooo beautiful. It’s by a local artist and was painted in the ’30s. I got it for $50! Chairs are from the Container Store.

IMG_7280_1024 2Two boxes of Pantone postcards from Amazon and a lot of tape and I got this super cool (and super affordable) wall art. IMG_7186_1024For my birthday last year my two best friends got me this awesome Rifle Paper travel calendar. When I was trying to come up with something to put on the walls in my new office, this calendar came to mind. Frames are from Hobby Lobby and I spray painted them gold (naturally). One of my brothers said it looks like a travel agent’s office, but I’m okay with that. The long white bookshelves in the background are actually metal ones I found on craigslist (obviously). $30 for both of them! They were a total b to paint though. I tried spray painting them but that got out of control so I used a roller to paint and seal them. A total hassle, but overall a very affordable solution. Most of the stuff on them is stolen from my house. It was kinda fun to “shop” my house for things to bring to my office.

I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak it because that’s just what I do, but for now I love it.


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I'm a single female homeowner who loves all things interior decorating. Especially if it involves thrifting.

4 responses to Little Office Design

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  2. I just spent hours looking at your web site. I love it! I live in a small town in Indiana and I am familiar with Irvington. My house is very similar in age and style, but I am fascinated with what you have done and you write a great blog, which reminds me — I have some vent covers I have been meaning to spray paint!

  3. Hello! Love your office design. What size frames did you use? Did you get it matted?

    • Hi, sorry it took me so long to respond. I got 11×14 frames from Hobby Lobby. I didn’t buy matting, I just used the scraps from cutting the calendar pages down to “matt” them.

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