Mixin’ it up in the bedroom

September 17, 2014 — 2 Comments

I now realize that title could get weird… but nothing weird going on here! Just some regular old re-decorating. I swear.

The main wall of my bedroom that is visible from the door has been through a lot. Other than painting my bedroom blue, the room has basically remained the same since I first moved in. That is except for this one wall. It’s taken the brunt of my decorating whimsies. Take a walk with me through the evolution of le wall.

In the beginning the wall was cream and housed my old black bookcase.

IMG_2082 (1)

Then things got blue.


Then the bookcase went bye-bye, but the books remained behind.


Then my books got a new home in the dining room and the wall got a Switzerland consolation prize.


Then there was the purchase of a cheap craigslist desk.


With the purchase of the desk the wall was finally starting to take shape as a pretty and functional space. But then I just kind of stopped. I had a vague idea of doing something with cork boards, but I got a new job with a big cork board at my desk and it satisfies all of my cork board desires (I mean, it wasn’t hard to do).

When I cleaned out my closet I moved all my extra decorating stuff to the basement – only one tub worth though because I’m attempting to nip any hoarding tendencies in the bud – but 5 photo frames didn’t fit in the tub. So for whatever reason I set them on my desk… aaaand they remained there for at least a month. Why? Who freaking knows.


It’s five matching wood frames I got from Pier 1 several years ago (on the back wall it’s the one with the photo of the Brooklyn Bridge). The frames were previously hanging in my dining room before the big paint extravaganza. Side note: seeing this old photo makes me really miss my green dining room. It looks so pretty! I like how light the new dining room is (plus the bookshelves, obvs), but the green was really wonderful also. 

Back to the frames, I’m really dragging out this story unnecessarily – I hung them on the blank wall. That’s what all this is leading to if you hadn’t already gotten there yourself.

P1130855 P1130858 P1130861 P1130862 P1130866

This actually includes two updates, first the frames and secondly the suitcase. So I was driving through a neighborhood on my way home from the art museum one day when I saw this sweet old couple stacking stuff on their curb with a sign that said “Free”. Well, that is my magic word so I obviously stopped. I love this suitcase. It doesn’t have a handle which doesn’t really matter since I would never use it as an actual suitcase. The invention of the rolling suitcase is the greatest invention of recent time (basically) so there is no way I’m going back to the dark ages of carrying a suitcase, please. This suitcase was just too cute to pass up though. I actually think it would be fun to use around Christmastime but for now it looks pretty cool under this desk. I put the chair that was at this desk back in the dining room because I don’t use this desk as a place to sit. I actually never intended it for that reason, I’d much rather sit in my big sunny dining room to work, but I wanted a desk in my room more for organization than as a workspace.

I’m still debating painting the frames white, but I thought I’d at least hang them first before I made a decision. If you are curious, this is major progress for me since like to make rash decisions. Go me!


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2 responses to Mixin’ it up in the bedroom

  1. Love this look! The frames match your bed really well.

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