My Adjusted Plan

March 5, 2014 — Leave a comment

I have plans. Lots of plans. But life happens. Switzerland, my clumsy self, and surgery happened. And then medical bills happened. Guys, surgery is expensive. Who knew?? So what does that mean? It means readjusted house plans. I’d love to dive into a big project on my house, but medical bills have to take precedent for the near future. So what are my readjusted plans? Use what I’ve got and get creative. Last week’s project is a perfect example. I used the leftover paint from my living room to paint a ceiling.

In honor of being financially responsible and planning for the future, here are a list of potential projects I’d like to attempt in the next few months while I’m paying off my medical debt:

1) Refinish and seal the top of my campaign dresser. Let me just set the record straight, I’m not great at painting furniture. When I painted my campaign dresser I didn’t seal the top and it now has scratches and other marks on it. If I borrow a sander and use the white paint I still have to re-paint it, all I’ll need to buy is a quart of clear coat to seal it. This project should only cost me about about $14 if I can borrow a sander.

2) Re-do my Rast dresser. My Rast makeover went to hell fast. It was my first time using stain and I bought the wrong kind and used the wrong brush and didn’t sand enough. Sooo many mistakes. It honestly doesn’t bother me too much but if I’m going to borrow a sander it makes sense to fix this mess. I’d need to buy stain (about $15) and I could seal it with the same sealant from the campaign dresser.


3) Build a sofa table. It probably won’t be the cheapest project, but if I’m careful it could be a reasonable expense. I’ll need to buy lumber and brackets but I’ll have everything else I need. I just have to find the will to take on my first furniture making project. This may cost $40? I actually don’t know, I’ll have to price out lumber first.

4) Paint my closet. My closet is awesomely big for such an old home, but it needs work. I have a lot of plans for this closet in the future, but a nice coat of white paint on the walls and the shelves will be a good fresh start for this space. I have plenty of white paint so it should be a free project.


5) Paint the entryway ceiling. I love the painted ceiling in the my hallway and I’ve been wondering if painting the entryway ceiling would be cool too. I don’t think any of the colors I have now would work, so I’d probably have to buy a quart (around $10). It would be a super cheap project but I’m a little hesitant to mess with this space.


So there is my updated and cost-efficient to-do list. Now if I could just find the time…

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