My First Painted Ceiling

February 26, 2014 — 1 Comment

I love painted ceilings. I think it is a really cool look. I’ve considered doing it in my bathroom or entry but it never happened. For the past couple of months I’ve been looking for low cost ways to upgrade my house. The few big things I want to do (screen in the front porch, refinish the floors in the bedrooms, etc) are out of my budget right now so while I save I need to be more creative with my updates.

So a painted ceiling it is!

I decided to paint the ceiling in my “hallway”. It’s a “hallway” and not a hallway because it is really just a small rectangle instead of a long hall like a normal hallway. Actually if I had stairs it would be a landing. But whatever, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. It’s the space that connects the dining room, bathroom, and the two bedrooms.


It’s this little area here. From the dining room you can’t even see the ceiling, but if you move in a little closer…


Just a boring ol’ ceiling with a simple light. You can’t really tell from these pictures but the walls are a little off-white and the ceiling is white. I’ve been fantasizing that the light is original to the home and that the base is brass, but when I took it down it wasn’t even metal… just dirty metal-looking plastic.


Nothing a little gold spray paint can’t fix!

After I determined the ceiling I wanted to paint and I cleaned up and painted the light fixture I had to choose my paint color. Sure I could have gone to the hardware store, but who needs a hardware store when I can just go to my basement stairwell?


Have I mentioned that I paint a lot? With so many choices, I knew I would find something that could work. After waffling between a few colors I decided on the dark grey from my living room (Suede Grey by Behr).

P1130364 P1130369 P1130368 P1130378 P1130370


Unfortunately, this area gets hardly any natural light so it was hard to photograph the new ceiling properly. Excuse my weak attempt. If these pictures don’t convey it well, let me tell you – it looks awesome! I’m extremely happy with the end result! I love the contrast of the dark ceiling, light walls, and dark wood work. I have to admit, although it’s blasphemous to say, I hate the dark woodwork. I know, I know I should be grateful that the woodwork is in such good shape, but it really make areas like this sooo dark and hard to brighten up. Painting the ceiling dark doesn’t necessarily “brighten” the space, but it gives a little visual interest. I like the punch of gold too. It’s a really basic light so maybe down the road I’ll get something more unique, but for the now the bright gold makes it look fresh. I also like how the dark grey is nearly the same grey from the bathroom shower curtain and bathmat – that was a happy accident!

Painting a ceiling was surprisingly easy! It seriously only took me 30-40 minutes to do two coats. Cutting the edges was little tougher than a wall, but it was not too bad. Mostly my arms just got sore, but since it was such a small area it was okay.

You also got to love a totally free project! I had the gold spray paint on hand from my Buddha lamp makeover. And the grey paint was from the living room.

Free and easy, I’ll take that any day. Now, what ceiling can I paint next???

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