New plants, Part 2 of 4

August 30, 2013 — 3 Comments

If you are anything like me you sometimes often buy things that you don’t need or have a place for because you just really freakin’ want them. Well, that was the case with this brass planter I bought last summer.

It was filled with fake ivy, but I saw it’s potential and for only $2 I needed it. Except, that I actually didn’t need it. It’s floated around my house for the last year. Sometimes it is on the built in shelf in my kitchen cabinets and sometimes it’s in the linen closet holding random crap, but the dream was always to put plants in it. It is the perfect size for planting a lot of small plants since it’s about 18″ long and 5″ wide.
So, I finally did it using most of the 20 succulents I bought online (more about that here).
My first step was to get rocks or stones for the bottom of the planter for drainage. I looked at the store but couldn’t find any so I went rogue and got rocks from my backyard (have I mentioned my backyard is a mess?).
After rocks came soil and then plants.
I really like it! I’ve seen a lot of planters like this online filled with succulents, actually most of them are just loaded with succulents, but I spread mine out a little because I still had a few other planters I wanted to fill. Now *fingers crossed* that I resist the urge to over water them!

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3 responses to New plants, Part 2 of 4

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