New porch furniture (finally!)

August 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

Ah, I love craigslist. Not news by any means, but it’s still good to reiterate occasionally.

My front porch (and let’s be honest my yard) is not the most attractive part of my house. The outside of my house itself is adorable but the yard and porch haven’t gotten nearly as much attention as the inside has. I have big plans for the porch and the landscaping in the front, but big plans generally equal big money.

Let’s talk about porch furniture for a second. It is stupid expensive. Like what the??? You want me to pay how many thousands of dollars for an outdoor chair??? Hard pass.

Two years ago I finally bought two chairs to put on the porch. They were only $15 for the pair on craiglist! Paired with an old sidetable, the porch remained this way for uh a very long time.


Unsightly? Yeah. Functional? Sure!

When the home tour rolled around the next year I borrowed two outdoor chairs from my parents to upgrade the look a little.


A few days months later I returned the borrowed chairs and my porch returned to it’s sad state.

Over the past few years I’ve checked craigslist sporadically for affordable and unique patio furniture and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything remotely good enough. Which is saying a lot since I love craigslist and have had great success in the past. Because of this my idea transitioned into putting a day bed out there, which would be awesome, but would also require thick screens to protect it from the elements. Unfortunately, screening in the porch has become my DIY version of a pipe dream.

So when I saw this listing on craigslist I was intrigued to say the least:

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 9.18.03 AM

Depending on how you feel about vintage furniture you either think this is the best thing you’ve ever seen or the ugliest thing you’ve every seen. I love it.

At seven feet long and about three feet wide it’s the perfect size to fit next to the front door. And for $100 I got the couch, a glass and rattan coffee table, and a rattan lounger with footstool. Such a great deal!!

P1130720 P1130721 P1130722 P1130723 P1130724 P1130725 P1130726

It wasn’t until I got both pieces on the porch that I realized the rattan on the couch and on the coffee table isn’t the same color but oh well. I doesn’t change my love for this crazy couch. Does it look like the patio furniture of a granny in a Florida retirement community? Absolutely! That’s why I love it!

Also, because of naps. So many naps happening on this couch lately.

As for the rattan lounger and footstool they are too big to fit on this tiny 7’x11′ porch so they are currently awaiting their fate in the second bedroom (where old furniture goes to die in this house). I’m debating between selling them and just moving them to the basement.

So I’m back in love with craigslist. It may have taken two years but I got a full four piece patio set for only $100 which is like a $17,000 savings.


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