Paint Colors and Feelings

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I have a lot of feelings, but this isn’t really that sort of blog. Except for today! Because today I’m talking about my feelings… about paint colors.

I’ve painted a lot. Like so so much. Also, have I ever mentioned that none of the windows in this house open? Yeah, it’s true, so not only have I painted a lot but it has never been in a room with any sort of ventilation. I’m always making good choices.

Anyway, since I have painted so so so so many times in this house alone, I thought it would be fun to take a quick paint tour of this house and expound on them each in turn. Let’s go!


Little House Design: Dark grey bungalow with white trim This house was not attractive when I bought it. It was two different shades of faded blue and the porch, foundation, and the trim in the back were inexplicably hunter green. Not cute. After an excruciatingly long wait of 8 months (I realize that isn’t that long, but I’m very impatient) I had saved up enough to have it painted. I chose white for the trim and foundation and Dark Granite from Behr for the siding (the porch is a lighter shade of grey on the same swatch as Dark Granite, but I don’t remember the exact color). There was no rhyme or reason to the colors I picked. The painter held out a deck of colors and I chose all three colors in about 27 seconds. I do not recommend doing that! Thankfully, I got lucky and the colors I chose turned out to be great. I am still very very very happy with the exterior of this house (minus the hideous bushes). The paint on the porch is totally peeling up but other than that, the rest of the house has held up exceptionally well. A few people have called it blue which is funny to me, but then again I do have a running theory that I’m colorblind so…

Little House Design: Kitchen with black walls and white trim When I moved in the entire house was the exact same shade of freshly painted cream. Cream is a lovely color, but it isn’t my style. I painted this room a grey/taupe color before I moved in (Graceful Grey by Behr), but then less than year later it was black (Cannon Ball by Clark + Kensington). I LOVE the black. The kitchen is my favorite paint color in this whole house. I love the white cabinets + black walls + dark cork floors. Maybe black walls aren’t for everyone but since there is so much white in there and since the room gets so much light, it works!

Little House Design: Graceful Grey by Behr Ugh, this room sucks, but I literally never go in there so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Again this room was boring cream for a long time, but last winter I painted it with the leftover paint from the first time I painted the kitchen (Graceful Grey by Behr). It’s a pretty blah color which isn’t helped by the random furniture in there. But this room is not a priority for me so moving on.

Little House Design: Cream and vintage bathroom *Sigh* Here is a riddle for you: This bathroom was cream when I moved in and it is cream now but it has been painted three times. Who is the idiot in this scenario? (Okay, so I have no idea how to write a riddle) Anyway, I didn’t paint this room before I moved in but a few months later I tried to paint it a pale mint green, but it was heinously bright. It lasted 24 hrs before I decided to go for a pale yellow (because yellow and grey generally look nice together) but it was like living in a highlighter, it last 24 hours. Then back to cream I went (Ballet White by Behr). And that is the sad story of the time I painted the bathroom three times in 3 days. Do I love the cream? Not really. I’ve thought about painting the room, or painting the ceiling or something, but I mean, it’s still too soon.

Little House Design: Entry way with vertical paint stripe and a sunburst mirror The entry way has been the most easy and likeable thing I’ve done in this house. The cream around the edges in this room is the cream that the the whole house was when I moved in. A few months after I moved in I couldn’t decide on a color for the entry so I used the ubiquitous ‘Graceful Gray’ from the first kitchen paint job and the current one in the second bedroom to paint the thick vertical stripe. I think it would be cool to paint the ceiling in here but I’ve never painted a ceiling before so I’m sort of nervous about trying it.

Little House Design: Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue bedroom with white accents This room stayed cream the longest of them all. I really tried to like a light colored room. I love all white houses with dark accents, but you have to have the right type of house to pull that look off. My light colored room just looked like I was too lazy to paint. And if there is one thing I’m not, it’s too lazy to paint. I color matched Sherwin William ‘Loyal Blue’ and I still love it! This room is by far the craziest color in my house (black is bold, but still technically a neutral) and I love that it surprises people. One person on the home tour said that it was surprising choice for woman’s bedroom which I chose to take as a compliment.

Little House Design: Dark grey living room in a vintage style I painted the living room before I moved in and no I did not spend much time picking the color. Thankfully, I mostly like it. Well, I guess I should say, I like the idea of it. I love the dark grey but this particular one has too much purple undertones in it for me (it’s Suede Grey by Behr). In fact, a lot of people on the home tour kept saying what a cool purple it was. And I was like dang it! I really am colorblind! If I ever repainted this room (which would be a nightmare with all the door frames, window frames, and art on the walls) it would be a similar dark grey but one with less purple in it.

Little house design: light grey dining room with postcard art Oh the dining room. I have so many feelings about the dining room. I just recently repainted this room from the dark green that it was for almost two years. It is now ‘Classic Silver’ by Behr which I like okay. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, but it is still lacking something… I’m working on it though!

So there are all my feelings. Thankfully the are mostly positive because I need a break!

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