The State of the House: Year Two

January 21, 2014 — 4 Comments

It’s unbelievable to me but I’ve only lived in this house for two years (as of January 8th). It feels like forever… in a good way!

Last year, I did a big long post with all the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ shots so it’s only reasonable that I would do another big update. In the mess of life I have digitally misplaced the ‘Before’ photos my house, but God bless the internet because I found some of my house still online (kind of weird I guess, but oh well!).

m Jasmin-+0004-2771940548-O I haven’t done much work to the exterior of this house besides the obvious paint job. I am still so happy with the exterior paint! It has made the greatest difference in my homes appearance. I’ve attempted to trim the bushes and I’ve update the porch furniture (although the furniture in the picture was just borrowed for the home tour), but I still have major plans for this area. I want to replace the bushes, screen-in the front porch, and upgrade the porch furniture. But all in due time.

m (1) Jasmin-+0011-2771944738-O I’m so happy I found a good ‘before’ photo of the entry way! I didn’t have one before. I painted the stripe in the entry about six months after moving in. It was meant to be a temporary fix until I decided on what color I really wanted to paint the entry, but I actually decided I really like it. So it has remained this way for the last 18 months. I don’t have plans to alter the entry way much, but I would like to eventually either upgrade the cheap blinds in there (not pictured, but they are just plain white vinyl blinds) to either the same white fabric roman shades in my living room or cool patterned curtains. Someday.

m (4)

m (5)

Jasmin-+0014-2771948317-O Jasmin-+0020-2771956475-O

Ahhh… much better! I love my living room! Not a whole lot has changed in the last year. I got new roman shades, hung my TV, and painted a thrifted ottoman, but I’m pretty happy with my progress in here. In fact, I don’t have many plans to add or change this room. Although, as I write that, I can think of a few things… My old IKEA lantern style floor lamp bit the dust this year and my living room is missing it’s light. I also hate the metal floor lamp in the corner (it gives off the worst light!) so at some point I will sell that and replace it. I’ve also thrown around ideas about adding art or photographs around the TV but its only an idea at this point. I also want to build a table to replace the faux sofa table I created awhile back. So it seems what is done, is not done.

m (3) m (6)

Little House Design: Art around bookcase P1120901

Little House Design: Art around bookcase

My dining room had quite the makeover this year (actually more like this past month)! I hung old windows, painted the dining room light grey, got new bookcases, and hung my gilded bird prints. I’m happy to say that I actually like this room now! Okay, it still isn’t my favorite room, but it is quite a bit better than before. Since I’ve spent so much time on this room lately, it’s time to redirect my attention to other rooms, but some day I would like to get a new table, add a rug, and replace the vinyl blinds. Oh, and I’ve had my eye out for a new credenza to replace the grey and white IKEA one that’s in there. It was a clearance purchase which I would like to upgrade at some point (maybe something like this or this?).

m (2)

before kitchen

Jasmin-+0065-2772036733-O Jasmin-+0058-2772018886-O Jasmin-+0057-2772019183-O The biggest change to my kitchen this year was the installation of the cork floors. I love them so much! Other than that, I have made a few little changes like staining the threshold, adding a fan from Japan, Instagraming the ‘fridge, and a new thrifted runner under the sink. Some day I would love to change the countertop and backsplash but I don’t have any plans to do that soon. But what I really want is a DISHWASHER. Two years without one and I’m about to go mad with hand-washing dishes. But as much as I want one there really isn’t a place for one in the kitchen so on I trudge through the murky waters of dishwashing.

m (7)

Jasmin-+0090-2772085685-O Jasmin-+0098-2772064414-O P1130191 P1130178

The biggest change this year was the selling of my big black bookcase. For about nine months all of my books were stacked neatly along the wall until the found a more permanent home in the dining room. Now the wall is blank, except for the my Swiss souvenir. I also moved the bird art over my bed, cleaned my sheepskin rug (misadventures ensued), and hung a paper crane mobile. I already have something to hang over my bed, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’d love to refinish the floors in here but I’m not sure I’m up for the task just yet. I’m also searching craigslist and thrift shops for a thin desk for the big blank wall. I don’t think I’ll ever really sit at a desk in there but it would be nice to have a place to organize all the bills, keepsakes, coupons, and other little things that end up on my dining room table in plain view.

Jasmin-+0106-2772086825-O Jasmin-+0108-2772087840-O

By far my least favorite room, the second bedroom is what it is. It is currently occupied by a temporary roommate so it’s sort of out of site, out of mind. I don’t think I’ve even walked in there five times this year let alone done any updates, so this is how it will remain for the foreseeable future. Also, I have no before photo of this room so you know, fail.


Jasmin-+0104-2772080762-O Jasmin-+0102-2772080301-O

Mostly ignore that pretty horrible before shot because I can’t even explain what is going on there. I didn’t do much of anything in my bathroom this year besides getting a new bath mat and hanging my recovered nesting doll art. This bathroom badly needs new shower tile, but it’s just not in the cards right now.

And that’s the tour! This has been a good year in this old house and I’m looking forward to what I can accomplish next!

All of the good pictures in this post are courtesy of Ashley A. Photography 🙂

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4 responses to The State of the House: Year Two

  1. Looks great, Jasmin! Congrats on year two!

  2. Well check you out! I didnt realize you had such a designers eye for all things interior (and a little exterior). I applaud, from a fellow designer.

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