Two tiny terrariums

February 12, 2014 — 7 Comments

If you have an eagle-eye you may have spotted two tiny terrariums on my new desk.


P1130286 P1130288The bigger one was a kit that I got as a Christmas gift. So cute!



You might remember that little tooth from my recent indoor garage sale excursion. I said it needed more work and my plan involved planting a little-bitty plant, but as I was assembling the terrarium above I had a bright idea. I decided to just put a little bit of the moss from the first terrarium into the tooth. I also moved over one of the little figurines to give it some life. Easy!

Now they decorate my new desk and bonus, they don’t need water or sunlight. That’s my kind of plant!


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I'm a single female homeowner who loves all things interior decorating. Especially if it involves thrifting.

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