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A few months ago I found a sheepskin rug in my parent’s garage and after gently questioning them about it’s use I found that it wasn’t being used and that I could have it – yay!

For the past few months it has been living in my bedroom in front of my nightstand. Despite coming from a garage it was in great condition.

Not sure why I made my bed such a backwards way, but anyway, the sheepskin looked really nice until Bob (I could end just about any sentence that way… until Bob). I had noticed in the past few months that Bob just loved to lay on that thing and chew up his toys. Which is totally fine with me except that all his hair started to get stuck in the fur of the rug which is confusing and then there were all these bits of chewed up dog toys stuck in the fur, plus some blue ink got on it and honestly don’t know who is to blame for that. But all of that wasn’t enough for me to actually bother to clean it (I would periodically shake it out and try to vacuum it but it wasn’t very helpful) until Bob straight up threw up on it. I was like seriously Bob?! My entire house is hardwood and you choose to vomit on 3’x2′ dry clean only sheepskin? Really? So it went directly into a trash bag to be dealt with later because dog vomit is nasty and ain’t nobody got time to deal with that crap at 11:30pm on a work night. Later I took it out of the bag enough to check the tag which said dry clean only. Okay, that’s annoying but I figured paying $15-20 to get the thing cleaned for me isn’t the worst thing to ever happen. Except the dry cleaners said they wouldn’t take it. Say what? Isn’t that your job to dry clean dry clean items? I was annoyed. But it really need to get cleaned and the vomit had been on it for like a week at this point so I figured I couldn’t hurt it worse by trying to clean it myself. Here is what it looked like pre-cleaning:
dog vomit (semi-censored because nobody wants to see dog vomit)
general filth
blue ink?
dog hair
After several google searches I came up with many different answers. I love the internet but sometimes too many opinions on how to do something can be confusing so I just decided to combine everything I read because I’m all about making good choices!
How to How I cleaned a sheepskin rug:
1) Shake it out
The less dirt and hair and other debris that you can remove pre-cleaning is in your best interest.
2) Give it a bath
I filled my tub with about six inches of cool water and then I added about three capfuls of baby shampoo.
(the wire brush comes in later)
While I was drawing a bubble bath for my sheepskin rug I couldn’t help but think to myself, “This is such a first world problem.”
The rest is pretty self explanatory… just move it around and bathed it. It was really gross and I got wet and I felt gross and sort of wanted to become a vegetarian afterwards because being that close to wet animal fur makes you reconsider all sorts of things about your life.

3) Rinse and repeat

If I didn’t mention this at the beginning you will get wet. So don’t do this wearing a silk blouse and cardigan like I did because that’s just not smart.

But yeah, you’ve got to rinse and rinse and rinse because animal fur apparently soaks up a lot of water and the water will be filthy and you will be super grossed out and you will totally have to clean your tub afterwards.

After you’ve rinse and squeezed as much water out of the rug as possible it will look like you have a dead labradoodle in your bathtub but be cool because you’ve got to get through this.
4) Brush it out
At this point I am like what am I doing with my life???? I am brushing a rug that I just gave a bath, what has my life come too??? But you will get through it, I promise. You will be changed, but you will get through it.
I really wish I could suggest that you skip this step, but I think this might be the key to the success of this process. Brushing out the rug got out a lot of the debris lodged down deep inside the fur. It was also oddly satisfying. I felt like a kid playing with a doll’s hair. Mostly because you can yank and pull and tear out the hair and your doll can’t do anything about it (was I a sadistic child or is that normal?). I used the edge of the bathtub to help me as I brushed out my rug. I felt like I was in an animal version of Psycho wherein I am obsessed with caring for a dead animal because let’s be honest that is exactly what a sheepskin rug basically is.
5) Wait, because this sucker takes for. ever. to dry
I exaggerate a lot but when I tell you took this rug seven days for this rug to dry I am not kidding you. Seven. Days. Honestly, it’s still a little damp. I wish I had a clothes line outside for it because I think that would have been faster. I even dried it in the dryer for 10 minutes but that made me nervous so I stopped. So basically you just have to wait.
But when you are done waiting your rug will be clean and you will have gone to a place deep inside of yourself and come out with a new appreciation for the rug that you have so intimately bathed and cared for.

It is definitely a little more crimpy/curly than it was before but I think if I brushed it again it would look the same, but the crimpyness doesn’t bother me. The washing part only took me about 45 minutes but it felt like forever since this was such a silly task. I really hope I don’t have to wash it again any time soon. Bob, I hope that my angry words got through to you, DO NOT VOMIT ON MY SHEEPSKIN RUG.

Bathroom part two. After I got the mirror put in I waited a few weeks and then had the tile put in. The floor in there wasn’t that bad in the sense that it was all intact, but it was so ugly that I could not stand it. Here is the before:

See what a good job I did covering it up? You barely notice it, but still… I knew it was there. Initially, I told my friend that I hired to do the tile work that I would do the demolition. I thought that I could easily pull out the floor… but I over-estimated my abilities. This is how far I got:

My dog was no help. So I left it up to the professional. Apparently I wasn’t that off base because the floor was hard for him to get up too. He pulled up FOUR layers of old flooring! He stripped it down to original studs and the put cement board on top of that. Needless to say it was a big old mess, but it really needed a new sub-floor so I can’t complain. Here is the project mid-way through:

Yeah, it was a mess. But, it was all worth it because it got done and it looks beautiful!

So pretty right? I chose white hex tiles from Home Depot. I vacillated between the all white and the black and white for a long time, but finally decided that the white may be better for reselling the house. I also decided to add some more art and storage to the walls. This is an old orange crate that my grandma gave me. I set it on it’s side and added baskets for storage.

I went to a local salvage yard and found some more crates and decided to hang them on the wall. I also decided to group together all the pencil drawings I’ve collected which is a total of… three. My collection is a little young but it’ll get better. Here is the final collection which is above the toilet opposite of the medicine cabinet.

I’m very happy with the way it all turned out!

Part One: Bathroom problems. Not like that though… I just really hated the bathroom when I moved in. And since there is only one in this house I was itching to make it look better fast. Here are some before shots:

It’s actually not that bad. The toilet and pedestal sink are a classic style and they are white so I can work with those. The shower tile is okay. I like that the majority is white, but that green border annoys me and it all needs re-grouted. The medicine cabinet was disgusting. It was too small in the space and it was so rusty I could barely open it. The flooring was also pretty gross. Hunter green faux marble tiles, they were basically laminate stick on tiles… ugly. My game plan was this: add shower curtain, change out medicine cabinet, paint, and tile floors. A modest over haul. But since I couldn’t start the remodel right away I added a few things to make it passable for a nice bathroom. I bought an awesome shower curtain from West Elm, I love the bold stripe. I also added a pencil drawing from Paris and my mini make over was done until I got the mirror installed.

While I was waiting for my handyman to make time for me (another story all together) I decided to paint. I made a rash decision at Ace Hardware one day and bought a light yellow color.

uh, it was HIDEOUS. I mean seriously, it was like a highlighter exploded in there. I couldn’t stand it for even one day so the next day I went out and bought another color. This time I thought, how about a nice mint color? You’d think at this point I would have been more cautious and bought a sample but no I just went balls out and bought a whole gallon. Ugh

I really, really wanted to like this color for many reason. One, I just bought a whole gallon of it and two, I am super lazy and didn’t want to paint again, and three, it wasn’t that bad… right? WRONG. It was way too bright and just too much so I painted it for a third time. You should know by now I am super ashamed of how rashly I acted so many times in a row, but alas that is my personality. I decided to go back to what is was originally… a soft cream. I actually had a gallon on hand from another project so thankfully I didn’t have to buy a third gallon. For now it looks good. It is a soft color that is slightly warmer than the stark white trim. Perhaps some day I’ll try again but for now I’m happy with it.

My next project was the mirror. I am a Craigslist junkie so when I came across this Kohler medicine cabinet new in the box for $115 I knew it was for me. I negotiated it down to $100 and then hired a friend to help me put it in.

Unfortunately, I didn’t properly measure before buying (a common problem for me) so my friend had a lot more work to do before it could be installed. After pulling out the old medicine cabinet he had to make some major cuts to make it fit. Because of the sizing problem he had to improvise by building a frame around the mirror. Here it is before I painted it.

And here it is after two coats of white paint.

I actually like it better with the frame around the mirror, it adds another layer of texture. I am so happy with this upgrade!

I’ll come back tomorrow with the second half of the bathroom remodel.